Dosen Mengabdi LPPM IPB University Help West Semplak Village to make Accurate Village Data

Lecturers Serving the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) IPB University again carried out the Socialization of Building Precision Village Data (DDP) activities. This time the activity was held in Semplak Barat Village, Bogor (7/10). The main objective in developing Precision Village Data (DDP) is to obtain accurate village data levels.

The arrival of the IPB University Team was welcomed by the Village Head (Kades), ABD Rahman, who hoped that this activity could produce more accurate data for future village develoment planing. "There needs to be an update of data regarding the area and population. Currently, the data owned is that the area of Semplak Barat Village is 88.025 heactares with a popilation of 8,000 people. It consists of eight Rukun Warga (RW) and very close to Atang Sanjaya Airfield, "he said.

One of the representatives of IPB University lecturers, Rajib Gandi, explained that the big title of this activity was "IPB Serve". In principle, IPB University wants to contribute more to village development.

"One of the needs of the village is precise village data which is vital for village development planning and policies. In this Precision Village Data (DDP) activity, village residents will be trained to collect data. The data was collected using the DPM (Drone Participatory Mapping) method. This method uses drone technology, a sophisticated unmanned device that can be aired and equipped with other sophisticated equipment, "he added.

According to him, this method will be implemented jointly between IPB University and related villages. In the future the village can update the data independently. This is an attempt to transfer knowledge. . The enumerator will collect numerical data using the MERDESA mobile application. To carry out the data collection, as many as 40 village youths from eight RWs were needed as enumerators.

Each RW head must pay attention to the criteria for village youth to be recruited as enumerators in order to obtain precise village data. The main criterion needed is native village youth who have high motivation to develop the village. "IPB University is committed to maintaining data confidentiality. The results of the DDP will be submitted to the village government. And residents who want to know or are involved, can contact the village government. "The output of all these activities will be submitted to the village at the end of December," he added. (IAAS/NAS)


Published Date : 09-Oct-2020

Resource Person : Semplak Barat Village, Bogor

Keyword : Precision Village Data, Serving Lecturer, LPPM, IPB University