Dean of Ipb University Vocational School: It is Important to Create a Climate of Innovation Collaboration With IDUKA

With the support of the Directorate of Partnerships and Alignment of Industry, Business World, and Work World (IDUKA) Directorate General of Vocational education and Profession of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, Sekolah Vokasi (SV) IPB University held a Kick Off Meeting and Focus Group Discussion on The Development and Alignment of Industrial Based Learning Content, (30/9) online.

Dean of Vocational School, Dr Arief Darjanto expressed his hope regarding good collaboration between Vocational College and IDUKA in order to generate innovation and increase economic growth in Indonesia.

"This collaborative or cooperative approach can be implemented in a curriculum designed closer to the needs of the industry called demand driven curriculum or work based curriculum. The collaboration between Vocational College and IDUKA must be maintained, we grow, and when we know each other we will develop and when it has developed will be a solid cooperation," he said.

Dr. Desianto Budi Utomo as Vice President of Feed Technology Charoen Pokphand Indonesia provides input on evaluation methods, both internship, internship and fieldtrip, through skill improvement.  

"Allocation for three months of internship, evaluation is carried out in detail (items). Students should understand knowledge about business process, business culture, and technical details during internship. Skill improvement during the technical period, previously students have been equipped with technical things in accordance with the field. Have knowledge of problem solving in the event of a case or problem in the farm and are expected to have knowledge of PICA (Problem Identification and Corrective Action) in a field where students have the ability to diagnose appropriately and provide solutions," he explained.

Meanwhile, according to Ir Agus Wahyudi from PT Ciomas Adi Satwa Commercial Division, it is important how softskills need to be added so that students or graduates are ready to face the needs of the Business World and Industrial World (DUDI) or IDUKA.

"The common competencies of softskills that are expected to be included in each course are 21st Century Skills consisting of complex problem solving - PDCA (Plan Do-Check-Action), critical thinking, creativity, people management - keadership, service orientation, negotiation," he said. He also said it is important to identify prospective graduates from the beginning to see if students and graduates will become entrepreneurs or professionals.

This opportunity is also used by Desianto Budi Utomo to explain that closed house technology comes as a solution to various problems of the gas industry.  "Modernization of boiler cages from open closed to closed house system is an optimization step of poultry cultivation, namely chickens. This is backgrounded by the environmental condition of Indonesia which is a tropical region and is able to increase the performance of chickens including temperature and humidity of the air. Therefore, closed house can be the answer to proper environmental control," he said.

Ir Agus Wahyudi also underlined that businesses need to be smart to adapt and be able to see the opportunities of every market development. So he explained a downstream scheme of chicken broiler model MSME, namely the transfer of processed chickens that do not sell in the market into a home industry to create the added value of a product.  

"Start thinking about not only cultivation efforts, but bring products closer to consumers who have added value by cutting dustribution channel (downstream)," he concluded.

This event was attended by Drs Agus Susilohadi, MSi (Coordinator of Partnership and Alignment of IDUKA Director General of Vocational Education and Profession of the Ministry of Education), dr. Abbi AP Dharmaputra (PT TriGroup), Sugeng Wahyudi, Joint Secretary General of National Chicken Farm Organization (GOPAN), Dr Bagus P Purwanto, Vice Dean of Academic and Student Affairs of Vocational School, lecturers from the Technology and Management Program of Livestock and Agribusiness Management Study Program, and umkm Perunggasan actors in Bogor Regency. (IAAS/NAS)






Published Date : 02-Oct-2020

Resource Person : Dr Arief Darjanto

Keyword : Livestock, Vocational School, FGD, IPB University