IPB University Alumni Holds Home Improvement for Setugede, Bogor Citizens

IPB University’s social program by the 32nd batch called Bhakti 32 improved Suhanda’s home, a citizen of the Setugede Sub-District, Bogor (10/10). Aside from home improvement, Bhakti 32 also held Family Nutrition Improvement Program by distributing eggs and chickens and the People’s Reading Park Revitalization Movement (TBM) by giving bookshelves, book collection and painting the area.

“This is our social program to close our IPB Silver Reunion Batch 32 event series. This event was only successful due to the full support and work from batch 32 alumni donators, PT Propan Raya, Cibinong City Mall Gramedia, and Archiving and Library Office Bogor City. During the home improvement event, volunteers appeared to help the home improvement from Jawa Village under the RW, Mulyana Ojos,” said the president of batch 32’s alumni, Dudi Fitri Susandi 

The home improvement was directly witnessed by the Setu Gede’s Village Head, Kartini Wulandari, S.Sos. Sekretasi Camat Abdulhakim and Head of Archiving and Library Office Drs Agung Prihanto with his ranks. 

The target location of Bhakti 32 are villages around campus such as Setu Gede, Balumbang Jaya, Marga Jaya. This can be collaborated with Dosen Mengabdi program, based on mapping the needs since September 2020 and initiated by Alumni Social Program IPB. Starting from donations for orphans, family nutrition improvement (eggs and chickens distribution) last September and home improvement help in Balumbang Jaya last October. Not only that Bhakti 32 also sent out social funds to The Waqaf and Social Fund Institute IPB University 

According to Dudi, Bhakti 32 is a unifying platform and as a form of batch 32 alumni’s real work. To facilitate in moving into a better future, channeling support and help in hopes that the village can be assisted further. She hopes that every can spread kindness and contribute positivity to all people. (IAAS/RCD)


Published Date : 12-Oct-2020

Resource Person : president of batch 32’s alumni, Dudi Fitri Susandi

Keyword : Home Improvement, Bhakti 32, Social Program, IPB University Alumni