PSSP IPB University Holds Virtual Training on Laboratory Biorisk Management Systems in Handling and Testing COVID-19 Samples

The Center for Primate Animal Studies, Institute for Research and Community Service (PSSP LPPM) IPB University and PREDICT Indonesia in collaboration with the Indonesian Biorisk Association (ABI) held Virtual Training on Laboratory Management Systems in Handling and Testing COVID-19 Samples. The training activities take place for five consecutive days from 14 to 18 September 2020.

This training aims to increase understanding in policy and technical implementation of handling suspected COVID-19 specimens. This is intended to reduce the risk for laboratory workers working with hazardous biological materials.

The training participants invited were consisting of research center staff within IPB University, the for the COVID-19 Testing Support Satellite Implementation Team for the IPB Collaborative Research Center, research staff and University Hospitals in Indonesia who handled directly suspected COVID-19 specimens.

The Primate Animal Study Center, which is a reference laboratory for COVID-19 examinations in the City and Regency of Bogor, has been implementing biosafety and biorisk aspects in its activities.

Prof. Dr. Dodik Ridho Nurrochmat, Vice Chancellor for Cooperation and Information Systems of IPB University as well as Chair of the Crisis Center Committee for Anticipating COVID-19 of IPB University, explained about the handling of COVID-19 at IPB University so far. He explained, until now, IPB University continues to implement strict health protocols and implement a partially closed down policy.

Meanwhile, the Head of PSSP LPPM IPB University, Dr. drh Huda S Darusman, expressed his hope that all participants can get the maximum benefit from this training. "Communication between participants and the speakers is expected not only to be limited during the training period but also after the training has been completed through the institution," he said.

During the training, participants received various materials including risk assessment of the COVID-19 test facility, competency assessment of laboratory personnel, standard practices and microbial procedures in the PCR laboratory, sample collection and transportation (biosafety / biosecurity aspects of collection, packaging and sample transportation). The training speakers were experts from the Indonesian Biorisk Association and other institutions including PSSP LPPM IPB University. (IAAS/ELS)




Published Date : 17-Sep-2020

Resource Person : Dr drh Huda S Darusman

Keyword : PSSP IPB, biorisk training, biorisk management