Prolislim, a Slimming Herbal Medicine Created by IPB University Lecturers

A series of studies have been carried out, which include bioprospection of medicinal plants that have anti-obesity or slimming efficacy, test the efficacy of the single extract, and their combined extract formulas. Some Indonesian medicinal plants such as Dutch teak leaves, Bangle, Orange Jasmine, Tamarind leaves, Gelugur acid, Kencur rhizome, Galangal, and  Kunci Pepet can be used as anti-obesity by determining their inhibitory power to the pancreatic lipase enzyme in vitro.

Researcher and lecturer of IPB University from the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA), Prof. Dr. Dyah Iswantini, said the result shows that the slimming formula based on Kunci pepet and Gelugur acid can reduce the body weight of experimental animals by 11.22 percent in 12 days. The formula shows non-toxic based on the acute toxicity test.

The results of this anti-obesity research received an award from the State Ministry of Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia in collaboration with the Business Innovation Center (BIC) as one of Indonesia's 103 Most Prospective Innovations in 2011. Also, the slimming formula that has been registered by the research team to protect the intellectual property rights of the inventor has successfully obtained a patent award namely Patent Certificate for Gelugur Acid Extract and Kunci Pepet as Slimming, dated on June 4, 2018.

"This research that has been funded by the Education Fund Management Institute (LPDP) from 2015 to 2018 and continued funding for the next three years (2019-2022) has produced a slimming herbal product based on Gelugur acid fruit and Kunci pepet rhizome. The distribution license is from BPOM as Traditional Medicine (OT) with the trademark "Prolislim" which is produced by industrial partner PT Indofarma Persero Tbk," she said.

The results of this study are corroborated by the results of the market test I and II by PT Indofarma Tbk. The results showed that after the test was carried out for one month, the result was obtained. That is, there is a decrease in waist circumference in female respondents, which has a significant value with a confidence level of 95 percent. Blood tests did not have a significant effect on female respondents in several ways, namely creatinine, urea, glucose, upper, and lower blood pressure.

"Traditionally, the Kunci Pepet (Kaempferia Angustifolia Roscoe) has been used by the community and has been widely planted by farmers. Gelugur acid (Garcinia Atroviridis) is a tropical plant that grows independently in tropical forests. This annual plant produces fruits that can be used as a slimming medicine, which can be found in Medan and Aceh. So, all the plants that make up the slimming formula are plants that easily available in Indonesia and even are native to Indonesia. Kunci Pepet Simplicia is easy to obtain from herbal medicine suppliers and herbal ingredients suppliers in Indonesia, while the Gelugur Acid Simplicia was obtained directly from Medan but has also been sold in several herbal medicine suppliers," she said.

Prof. Dyah explained that currently Prolislim products have been commercialized and can be bought and consumed by Indonesians, and also have a significant effect in reducing body weight. The target of the research for the next two years (2022) is to have a standardized slimming herbal medicinal product.  Prolislim is expected to contribute in efforts to increase the added value of Indonesian biodiversity into a preparation that is beneficial for the health and beauty of the Indonesian people. Another hope is that with the circulation of this Prolislim, obesity sufferers in Indonesia will continue to decline.

"This is the participation of the Indonesian people in the success of the government program, namely Herbal Medicine (scientific proof of herbal medicine through health service-based research), which has been launched since 2010. Besides, getting used to consuming the herbal medicines that are based on native Indonesian medicinal plants can increase Indonesia's bargaining position as a producer of herbal medicines in the world and increase the added value of Indonesian medicinal plants to become products that are more beneficial to human health. Moreover, this product is not only for health but also for beauty, so it can encourage people to be healthy and beautiful,” she said. [iaas/yn]




Published Date : 14-Sep-2020

Resource Person : Prof Dr Dyah Iswantini

Keyword : IPB University, Dyah Iswantini, Herbal Slimming Medicines from Gelugur Acid Extract and Kunci Pepet, Prolislim, IPB lecturers