In The Near Future, Three Villages near IPB University Campus Will Have Precision Village Data

For the next four months, IPB University will hold data collection in 12 villages around campus to build precision village data. In the early stages, there are three villages which are going to be recorded to build precision village development. These are Benteng Village, Cibanteng Village and Situ gede area. This activity is part of the IPB University Institute of Research and Community Service’s (LPPM) program to help 12 villages near the campus to build precision data.

In a socialization discussion regarding precision data in Benteng Village, IPB University professor Lukman Hakim mentions that the current state of data owned by villages is inaccurate. 57 percent of data owned by the Center of Statistics (BPS) do not apply to the local contexts in different villages. Meanwhile data is an important benchmark to take decisions in development. This has caused massive target losses in development.

“Though with village precision data, policies taken can be right on target and appropriate. In management studies, it is said that the best planning is one based on good data. Aside from that, IPB University has given birth to tons of technology and innovation in various fields. Can this technology be applied to said villages appropriately or rather we misallocate our resources. For that, in this series of data recording, we brought in Drone Participatory Mapping. This is where data collection uses drone technology and participative methods. For that there will be room for partnership between village, village youths and IPB University,” he adds. Precision village data is very important. Whether it is precise or not will determine the success and failure of future development. Precision data is used to evaluate and monitor, an important benchmark of development.

This activity gives a census and digital technology approach to achieve high resolutions. Through these methods, we can also create numeric data including map of land use, public facilities, infrastructure and others.

In IPB University’s stages of labor, they cannot walk alone and require support of local governments. The support was given in the form of providing village youths, as much as 5 youths from each RW and a permit to do census activities.

Other than that, a IPB University professoranmed Qori Pebrial Ilham socialized precision village data in the Situ Gede area and said that this activity is to collect high accuracy data, meaning we need to involve the campus and the village people. The people will be trained to take data and plan village development according to accurate data. Precision village data will be able to visualize the potential of villages and existing condition of their households.

“Village youths will be given socialization on how important village data is, spatial based data, the understanding of application use and trained to use work maps as basic material for census and training in Operational Definitions regarding questions inside the application, he adds.

The criteria of village youths involved in this activity are youths born from Cibanteng village and assumed to be well known by the local people, is highly motivated to build their village; at least a high school graduate or equivalent; can operate a smartphone and owns one, has good communication skills and is willing to join data recording from start until the end every day. “Our target is that in one month the census can be finished. Especially if supported by 5 youths and students every RW,” he adds. (iaas/RCD)


Published Date : 18-Sep-2020

Resource Person : Lukman Hakim

Keyword : Precision Village Data, Dosen Mengabdi, IPB University