Dosen Mengabdi IPB University Increased Managerial Capacity of MSMEs amidst Pandemic Period

“There are three things which must be concerned by micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to survive amidst the COVID-19 pandemic period, namely, the bussiness must comply with health protocol enforced by government, utilize technology to support the marketing aspects and evaluate the financial position,” said  Khoirul Aziz Husyairi, SE, Msi, lecturer of IPB University from Agribussiness Management Study Program of College of Vocational Studies, in Dosen Mengabdi (Lecturer Service Program) agenda on (11/9), at Neglasari Village Office, Dramaga, Bogor.

According to him, MSME needs to implement health protocol for the bussiness, especially for the activities which directly contact with customer. The example are wearing mask, providing hand sanitizer, checking worker and customer’s body temperature, and keeping a distance when interacting with customers. To support the marketing, MSME could utilize the trending social media. MSME could also integrate with marketplace which provide various user-friendly fitures.

Creative ideas must be done to survive the pandemic period. The examples are making creative patterned mask, producing hand sanitizer, face shield and other products which are needed by people in current period.

The last thing which should be concerned is about financial management considering the uncertainty during pandemic period. “For MSMEs which still have business debt, it must continue to be monitored so that bad credit will not occur. Reduce unnecessary items, especially for secondary needs. It is suggested that the money should be allocated for additional capital so that the business could keep running,” he said.

That agenda of Dosen Megabdi Program was held face-to-face and kept implementing the health protocol enforced by government. The agenda was attended by more than 20 MSMEs with various kinds of businesses/products, such as nutmeg sweets, cake, vegetable, fried potato, and other products. Some of the MSME which attended the agenda were nasi uduk, meatball, and fried chicken bussiness.

The training participants were very enthusiastic about the presented material, because the COVID-19 pandemic period has greatly affected their bussiness. The participants hoped that the agenda will continue to be held and support MSMEs, so that they could implement the knowledge in their bussiness. (IAAS/ISL)



Published Date : 13-Sep-2020

Resource Person : Khoirul Aziz Husyairi, SE, MSi

Keyword : MSME, COVID-19 Pandemic, College of Vocational Studies, IPB University, lecturer of IPB