Dosen Mengabdi IPB University Encourage Youth to Manage Waste Banks

Pakuan Regency is one of the housing estates in Bogor City which is located near the Dramaga IPB Campus. Pakuan Regency was built in 2008. This housing consists of six clusters, each of which consists of more than 100 houses. So you can imagine how much waste the residents of this housing produce.

Given the importance of waste management in the residential area, Dr. A Faroby Falatehan, a lecturer at IPB University from the Department of Resource and Environmental Economics (ESL), Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM), thought of the importance of building a waste bank as a way to assist the government in handling management and processing. garbage, especially in the area. In addition, with the existence of a waste bank, this can make people aware of the importance of a healthy, neat and clean environment.

Framed in the activities of Lecturer Serving, Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM), IPB University, Dr. Faroby initiated a youth-based waste bank in Pakuan Regency Bogor Housing. The launching of a waste bank called the Pakuan Regency Garbage Bank or known as the BSPR Bank was carried out in mid-September.

The appointed BSPR director is Zakky Muhammad Noor, an IPB University student who is also the Chair of the ESL Department Student Professional Association for the 2018/2019 period. According to Dr. Faroby, this BSPR can be said to be unique or rare, because it is driven by teenagers, where usually waste banks are mostly dominated by mothers. But in carrying out its activities, this BSPR Bank also collaborates with women in the housing environment. (IAAS / NAS) 



Published Date : 23-Sep-2020

Resource Person : Dr A Faroby Falatehan,

Keyword : Regency Pakuan Garbage Bank, Serving Lecturer, LPPM, IPB lecturer