Dosen Mengabdi IPB University Encourage the Community to Develop Urban Farming for Cleanliness, Beauty and Usefulness

The period of the COVID-19 pandemic is the right time to develop urban farming. Farming in urban areas can be started from the yard of your own house and take advantage of the waste of organic waste. This was the main topic conveyed by Dr. Dahri Tanjung, a lecturer at IPB University from the Agribusiness Management Study Program, Vocational School, while providing training in the Serving Lecturer event in Kebalen Village, Babelan District, Bekasi Regency some time ago. This activity received support from PT Bumi Resources, Tbk and CARE Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) IPB University.

In the training, the community is encouraged to use their house yard with various plants. Both from the types of vegetables, ornamental flowers and toga for living pharmacies and cooking ingredients. In addition, people can also raise poultry and fish ponds. As the main fertilizer, the community is invited to process organic waste from their respective household waste. According to him, people only need to provide two buckets near the dishwasher, the first bucket for wet organic waste and the second bucket for solid inorganic waste.

 “Every day housewives can process the waste for fish feed, process it into liquid or solid fertilizer or for poultry feed. From this household waste processing activity, it is hoped that yard plants will develop, the environmental conditions are clean, beautiful and useful, "he said.

This is in accordance with the aim of the training, namely to introduce participants to the concept of urban farming and its relation to waste utilization in order to reduce the amount of waste generated at the household level. The training activity received a pretty good response from the participants, which numbered around 34 people.

"Currently they are also actively farming and participating in the Kebalen Bumi Hijau competition as part of a mentoring program by CARE LPPM IPB University which is supported by PT Bumi Resources, Tbk. The program emphasizes handling household waste and has been going on since early 2020, "he added. (IAAS / NAS) 



Published Date : 23-Sep-2020

Resource Person : Dr Dahri Tanjung

Keyword : household waste, serving lecturers, LPPM, CARE, IPB lecturers