Dosen Mengabdi IPB University Provided Training and Counseling on Aquatic Resources in Garut Regency

The Research Institution and Community Service (LPPM) in collaboration with the Center for Coastal and Ocean Resources Studies (PKSPL), Department of Aquatic Product Technology (THP), Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK) IPB University conducted Dosen Mengabdi activities in Pameungpeuk District, Garut Regency, for four days.  

The arrival of Dosen Mengabdi team at the Technical Implementation Unit (UPTD) of the Cilauteureun Fishery Port, Department of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of West Java Province, last August, was greeted by the Head of UPDT, Ahman Kurniawan.

In this activity, Dosen Mengabdi of IPB University team conducted a survey of the coastal resources’s potential on the coast of Mancagahar Village, Pameungpeuk District, held training, counseling and field observations. From the results of surveys and observations, it is known that the water conditions in Mancagaha Village Beach are still good with a large number of types and amounts of seaweed, although they are almost harvested / taken every day.

"The potential for the development of the seaweed industry in Mancagahar Village is enormous. This provides an opportunity for Dosen Mengabdi Program in Pameungpeuk District to be continued in the future so that the benefits can be optimally utilized by the local community and local government. In addition, Pameungpeuk District also has the potential to be used as a lobster cultivation center in the future. Considering that this district is one of the producers of lobsters, including consumption size lobsters, under-size lobsters and clear lobster seeds." said M Qustam Sahibuddin, SE, one of Dosen Mengabdi team.

Besides Qustam, there are several IPB University lecturers who provided training materials included Dr. Ruddy Suwandi, Dr. Mala Nurilmala, Prof. Nurjanah, and Dr. Roni Nugraha. (IAAS/NRF)




Published Date : 13-Sep-2020

Resource Person : Ahman Kurniawan

Keyword : Dosen Mengabdi, IPB University, LPPM, IPB lecturer