'Dosen Mengabdi' IPB University Teaches How to Read Processed Food Labels

The community must at least know the minimum information that must be on packaged food labels. Packaging label must contain product name (trade name and type name of processed food), list of ingredients (raw material for Food Additives/FA), net weight, name and address of producer/importer, halal information for those required, date and production code, expired date, distribution permit number, and origin of certain foodstuffs.

Other information listed on the label are information regarding nutrition facts, claims about 2D barcodes, allergens, logos related to environmental sustainability, methods of storage, how to use, consumer complaint services, health messages, designation, warnings, and other information.

This was explained by Neny Mariyani, STP, MSi, lecturer at IPB University from Food Quality Assurance Supervisor Study Program, Vocational School in Dosen Mengabdi Program at SMPN 1 Bogor, (28/8). On this occasion, Neny also socialized "KLIK", namely check the packaging (Kemasan), Label, distribution permit (Izin) and expiration (Kadaluarsa) which was developed by National Agency of Drug and Food Control (BPOM).

“So far, we are not very concerned about this because we don't understand. But after being explained through the KLIK slogan and the use of BPOM mobile, then we can also act as direct supervisors of processed food products,” said Asep Saefudin, teacher at SMPN 1 Bogor. (IAAS/SAR)



Published Date : 02-Sep-2020

Resource Person : Neny Mariyani, STP, MSi

Keyword : Vocational School, Dosen Mengabdi, IPB University, reading food label, IPB lecturer