Lecturer of IPB Univerisity Discussed about The Bussiness Opportunity of Banana Peel Cake

In new normal era, the lifestyle of society has undergone many changes. People has become more aware and concerned about health by maintaining immune system. Many components for boosting our immune system could be found in banana peel, which has always been considered as useless waste. Banana peel is an agricultural waste which is commonly found in urban and rural communities.

Banana peel could be processed into a food product of home industry. Banana peel still has many benefits. Banana peel extract is beneficial for maintaining the health of retina.

“It is a way or alternative to reduce household waste by processing banana peel waste into a food product (home industry) which has high economic value and also becomes new bussiness opportunity, especially for MSMEs,” said Ir Leni Lidya, MM, lecturer of IPB University from Agribussiness Management Study Program of Vocational School of IPB University, in Dosen Mengabdi agenda, (11/9) which was followed by many MSMEs in Neglasari Village, Dramaga.

According to her, fiber contained in banana peel could support the growth of prebiotics in colon, thus detoxification process in our body will run and improve our immune system. Moreover, banana peel also contains high high nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, calcium, vitamins B and C, phosphorus, iron and fat, which could give much benefit such as increasing antioxidant, reducing cholesterol level, maintaining skin health, strengthen red blood cells, and supporting muscle formation.

In her opinion, the process of making banana peel cake is relatively easy. The process is done by using materials and tools that are usually available in household. This product could become new bussiness opportunity for MSMEs and other people. From the presented bussiness analysis, banana peel cake could become bussiness opportunity for Neglasari Village community to earn more income amidst COVID-19 pandemic.

“Processing banana peel into cake product is very easy to apply. Banana peel as the main ingredient is also widely available in Neglasari Village because the village is one of the banana chip producers in Bogor Regency,” she said.

The agenda was held face-to-face and kept implementing the health protocol enforced by government. The agenda was attended by participants who have had home industry bussiness. The participants hoped that the agenda will continue to be held and support home industry, so that they could implement the knowledge in their bussiness. (IAAS/ISL)



Published Date : 13-Sep-2020

Resource Person : Ir Leni Lidya, MM,

Keyword : Banana peel, MSME, Dosen Mengabdi, College of Vocational Studies, IPB University, lecturer of IPB