Student Discussions with Lecturers of IPB University whom Expertised in Dairy

Three student organizations of Faculty of Animal Science IPB University, namely Student Executive Board of Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Animal Production and Technology Student Association (Himaproter), and Nutrition and Feed Technology Student Association (Himasiter) collaborated to hold a National Webinar about Protein Optimization Animal as a Source of Food Nutrition during the Pandemic, (7/9). This webinar presented Dr Epi Taufik, a lecturer at IPB University from the Faculty of Animal Husbandry with expertise in cow milk and Tika Kartika, SP, a representative from Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture.

In his presentation, Dr. Epi explained about the importance of consuming animal protein for the body during this pandemic. Especially regarding the function and role of milk as an animal protein. According to him, consuming milk will make the body healthy and balanced. This is because milk contains several nutrients that are certainly needed by the human body.

"By consuming milk regularly every day for young children or pregnant women, this will reduce or avoid the risk of stunting in children. Consuming milk can also increase immunity in the body, so drinking milk every day during a pandemic will help in increasing our immunity.” He said.

This National Webinar is a series of events from Healthy Protein Movement 2020. Previously, egg and milk distribution activities had been carried out at Car Free Day (CFD) Kopasus Cijantung Jakarta, Situ Udik Village Bogor, Kedungbadak Village Bogor, Cikarawang Village and Loji Bogor Village. Egg distribution was carried out by several students who took part in the KKN-T IPB University Program while still implementing the applicable health protocol. (IAAS/NRF)



Published Date : 16-Sep-2020

Resource Person : Dr Epi Taufik

Keyword : Cow's Milk, Animal Protein, Faculty of Animal Husbandry, IPB University, IPB lecturer