Learning About Food Safety During the Pandemic Time with the Vocational School of IPB University

Security in food production is very important to be improved, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the concern of many parties, including industry players. To that end, Vocational School of IPB University (SV) held an international webinar with the topic "How to Enhance Food Safety in Food Production: An Industry Perspective" (24/8)

In the webinar, the Dean of SV, Dr. Arief Darjanto, said that the industrial sector needs to improve food safety because it is feared that there are dangerous elements in the products consumed which are increasing and varying. In this webinar, the Quality Control Manager of PT Greenfields Indonesia, Sugiono, STP, explained that in this era, we no longer only focus on food security systems but also on the formation of a food safety culture.

Food safety is all activities carried out to prevent people from contracting disease or death after consuming food caused by food-borne illness. Food-borne diseases, commonly known as poisonous foods that are contaminated by bacteria or other harmful substances. To prevent this contamination, there are several things that can be done. Namely good manufacturing practices, HACCP plans and building a food safety culture.

“COVID-19 also affects work culture in the food industry. And we respond to that by checking employees' body temperature, using masks in all areas, keeping a distance from each other, promoting hand washing and proper sanitation campaigns, ”he explained.

Meanwhile, on this occasion, Senior Manager of Industrial & Retail Sales of PT Aerofood Indonesia, Ria Lestari, explained the health protocol guidelines at PT Aerofood Indonesia. Which includes personal hygiene before entering the workplace, personal hygiene in the production area, cleanliness and sanitation of rooms and tools which are entirely in accordance with the health protocols of the Republic of Indonesia government. Not only that, Ria also explained the application of food safety procedures including the prevention of hazardous substances/elements in food.

According to her, there are five keys for keeping food safe, namely maintaining cleanliness, separating raw and cooked, cook thoroughly, storing food at safe temperatures, and use safe water and raw materials. We also implement health procedures in the Aerofood ACS area, industrial catering, lounges, and health procedures for HR personnel, "she stressed. (IAAS/ELS)




Published Date : 02-Sep-2020

Resource Person : Ria Lestari

Keyword : Food Security, COVID-19, Vocational School, IPB University