Sustainable Humanity Window foundation IPB Alumni Initiated the Establishment of "Kampoeng Merdeka Belajar" in Bogor

For achieve justice in getting online facilities for underprivileged students, the Sustainable Humanity Window Foundation (JKL) collaborated with government and private agencies to create the Kampoeng Merdeka Belajar (MerBel) program.

This foundation had launched together with the soft launching of the Kampoeng Merdeka Belajar (Kampoeng MerBel) in Kampung Kebun Manggis, Paledang Village, Central Bogor District, (16/8). This event was attended and symbolically inaugurated by the Mayor of Bogor, Bima Arya Sugiarto.

Kampoeng MerBel is one of the leading programs in the field of education initiated by the JKL Foundation with the first pilot project in Kampung Kebun Manggis RW 4. The choice of location represents an underprivileged, located on the banks of the Cipakancilan river, which can only be accessed by two-wheeled vehicles and has community hall facilities as a place for students to learn.

With a total of around 378 heads of families, the average person is in the underprivileged category, who are economically deficient, especially during this pandemic. This condition is added to the need for online access for students to learn independently during Distance Learning (PJJ).

The collaboration that was bridged by the JKL Foundation with donors was realized by handing over 25 laptops (suitable for use) consisting of 10 units of laptops for Kampoeng MerBel and 15 units for underprivileged students, as well as scholarships for Community 31 orphans and underprivileged students.

Also, cooperation carried out with Perum Bulog in distributing 200 food packages to people affected by COVID-19 and donating 1000 masks from PT Zoom Infotek Telesindo.

"We express our gratitude to the JKL Foundation for the efforts made in initiating a donation program, which makes it easier for residents to get access and assistance for distance learning. Through the momentum of the 75th Anniversary of Indonesian Independence, we ensure that our children are also residents of Bogor City can get equal access to achieve its goals, "said Bima Arya in his speech.

The Chancellor of IPB University also conveyed his congratulations for the progress of the 31st batch of IPB University Alumni for the establishment of the JKL Foundation, which paid attention and care to students and the IPB University campus. "Wish you good fortune, always be healthy and blessed," said Prof. Arief Satria at the Rector of IPB University a few days earlier.

Present at the launching ceremony was the Chairperson of the IPB University Alumni Association R. Fathan Kamil, the Head of the Bogor City Education Office Fakhrudin and the Head of the Central Bogor Sub-district Abdul Wahid. They expressed their hopes that the JKL Foundation could carry out programs according to the vision and mission it carries.

As a symbol of the launching of the JKL Foundation, a balloon stabbed as a sign that the JKL Foundation will try to bridge the community with stakeholders in the fields of education, economy, and the environment. (IAAS /ASH)




Published Date : 24-Aug-2020

Resource Person : Bima Arya

Keyword : IPB alumni, IPB University, Kampoeng Merbel