Serving Lecturers of IPB University Teach High School Teachers to Use Moodle in Online Learning

Online Learning or E-Learning during the COVID-19 pandemic requires the availability of hardware and software that provide learning system management facilities, one of which is Moodle. Currently, Moodle is widely used and recommended as an e-learning medium, because this platform can be accessed by more than 1000 learning materials, so that online classes are more efficient and flexible. Also, other advantages are guaranteed security, multi-language, open-source software, have user management, simple devices, compatible, lightweight, and efficient.

For this reason, the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) IPB University through its Lecturer Service program, held Moodle-based E-Learning Technical Guidance at SMAN 1 Ciawi, (12/8). This technical guidance presents IPB University lecturers from the Informatics Management Study Program and Vocational School Computer Engineering. Namely, Walidatush Sholihah, SSi, MKom, Sofiyanti Indriasari, SKom, MKom, Dr. Inna Novianty, SSi, MSi, and Gema Parasti Mindara, SSI, MKom.

Training on the use of Moodle for teachers at SMAN 1 Ciawi as part of the preparation of teachers for the online learning period due to the impact of COVID-19. This training was also part of the introduction of the latest version of Moodle. The participants who attended this activity were 55 people who were divided into four rooms by applying health protocols, and based on the survey, 92 percent of participants had never attended Moodle training before.

The principal of SMAN 1 Ciawi, Dra Nurulhuda, welcomed and appreciated this activity. According to her, Moodle is very useful, especially for online learning, and also SMAN 1 Ciawi has implemented a semester credit unit system (SKS) so that Moodle is very good to be implemented.

Meanwhile, on this occasion, Walidah conveyed material about one of the features possessed by Moodle, namely Question Type in Moodle. "There are many types of questions in Moodle, not only multiple choice and essays. With so many variations of questions, students will not get bored and the assessment activities can still be carried out properly," she said. Meanwhile, Sofiyanti Indriasari teaches the use of resources at Moodle to present teaching materials in various forms and provides effective and efficient tips in managing teaching materials. "The presentation of teaching materials in Moodle can be more effective if connected to Google Drive because teachers can update teaching materials on Google Drive, which will automatically update the content in Moodle resources. Also, these resources save storage capacity on the server because the files are stored on Google Drive so they are more efficient,” she said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Inna Noviyanti delivered material about Moodle Overview. Moodle is constantly developing its features so that it can continue to develop a learning management system, especially online learning. In 2020, Moodle version 3.9 was released which has now been implemented in the Learning Management System (LMS) at SMAN 1 Ciawi Bogor.

"To support the learning system, we provided material related to the introduction of Moodle version 3.9 and received a very good response from teachers and IT managers at SMAN 1 Ciawi Bogor," she added.

Meanwhile, Gema Parasti taught how to make games at moodle 3.9. According to him, games are one way how teachers will know the extent of students' knowledge when receiving learning. And at the same time, students will also understand learning in a fun way.

"Because someone's learning style uses games, the learning will be much better understood by them. And moodle facilitates the form of learning styles like that," she concluded.

This community service activity carried out at SMAN 1 Ciawi received good response and enthusiasm from the participants. In the future, Serving Lecturers' activities need to be continued because the impact is very positive and beneficial for the community. Hopefully, this activity can equip teachers to take advantage of eLearning Moodle in carrying out online learning with students during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. (WB / Zul)(IAAS/YN)

Published Date : 13-Aug-2020

Resource Person : Walidatush Sholihah, SSi, MKom, Sofiyanti Indriasari, SKom, MKom, Dr Inna Novianty, SSi, MSi, Gema Parasti Mindara, SSI, MKom

Keyword : Serving Lecturers, IPB University, Vocational School, Moodle