IPB University Vocational Schools’ Lecturers Promote Personal Hygiene and DNBS

Two IPB University lecturers from the Food and Nutrition Service Industry Management Study Program in the Vocational School provided socialization on the application of DNBS consumption patterns (Diverse, Nutritious, Balanced and Safe) and personal hygiene in the midst of COVID-19 (19-20 / 8). They are Annisa Rizkiriani, SGz, MSi and Rosyda Dianah, SKM, MKM. This socialization was given to PAUD Tahfidz Tarbiyatun Nisa 2 Bogor City.

In her presentation, Annisa said that the Indonesian Ministry of Health 2020 recommended balanced nutrition intake for the prevention of COVID-19. Balanced nutritional intake can be obtained through the application of DNBS consumption patterns. DNBS is an abbreviation of  diverse, nutritious, balanced and safe. Diverse means that you have to eat a variety of foods because no single food ingredient is nutritionally complete. Nutritious means eating foods that contain protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water. Balanced means that the amount of food consumed is sufficient, not less nor more. Safe means that the food consumed is processed by applying the principles of hygiene and sanitation.

"There is a relationship between nutrient intake, nutritional status, and endurance. "A balanced nutritional intake with sufficient daily activity results in a normal nutritional status which causes an increase in endurance so that we as humans can avoid the COVID-19 disease," she said.

Meanwhile, on this occasion Rosyda explained that personal hygiene is very important to be applied in everyday life. Personal hygiene can increase a person's health status as it can help to avoid various diseases that can endanger oneself and others. The application of personal hygiene can also increase self-confidence and create natural beauty and also personal hygiene. "One of the important personal hygiene practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is the habit of washing hands which is done within 60 seconds by following six steps in accordance with the provisions of the Indonesian Ministry of Health. Apart from washing hands, the ethics of sneezing and coughing must also be obeyed, wear a mask and do social distancing, "she added. (IAAS/FAP)



Published Date : 27-Aug-2020

Resource Person : Annisa Rizkiriani, SGz, MSi dan Rosyda Dianah, SKM, MKM

Keyword : Serving lecturers, IOB lecturers, Vocational Schools, a healthy way of life to prevent COVID-19