Fruitful Online Orientation 2020 for IPB International Students

Entering the new academic semester of 2020/2021, IPB Directorate of International Program/International Collaboration Office has held a virtual orientation program for international students on the 27th of August 2020. This program was participated by at least 26 students from Malaysia who are enrolled in IPB University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The Vice Rector of Education and Student Affairs, Dr Drajat Martianto, gave his warm welcome to all the incoming international students of IPB University, the largest agricultural university in Indonesia, and also thanked them for choosing IPB University for the continuation of their studies. He continued his speech to explain that IPB University will readily help all international students to increase both their academic and non-academic skills. This is in accordance with IPB University’s goal to create powerful agile learners from both students and alumni.

Moving forward, IPB University will implement the IPB 4.0 Curriculum, Multilevel K-2020. This curriculum is adapted and combines key changes suitable to the current happening challenges. IPB 4.0 Curriculum was formulated for flexible learning, to impart long-term learning, and shifting from knowledge acquirement to tandem development, while also supporting the increase of future skills. The Director of Student Enrollment and Registration, Dr Nurhayati, explained that all international students will be attending the General Competency Education Program (PPKU) as how the domestic students are. They would be attending the Indonesian Language course but courses in Religion, English, Pancasila Education, and Citizenship would be excluded. The PPKU program will be attended by all undergraduate students of IPB University for one year or two semesters. Both incoming international and domestic students will be entering the faculty and their majors in the 3rd semester. For the first year, international students must obtain a minimum GPA of 1.7 (out of 4.00) to be able to continue their studies to the third semester. They would need to pass all general studies in the span of two years. This means that students who were not able to get the minimum GPA are given a chance to improve.

Published Date : 27-Aug-2020

Resource Person : Dr Drajat Martianto

Keyword : IPB students, FKH IPB, online orientation, IPB University, international students