IPB Holds UTMBK Independent Examinations and International Class Exams

IPB University held independent examinations for undergraduate programs, namely the Computer-Based Independent Writing Test (UTMBK) and the International Class Pathway batch II on August 15, 2020. A total of 7023 participants took the exam consisting of 6948 UTMBK participants and 75 international class pathway participants. While the UTMBK diploma program will be held on August 16, 2020 with 1409 participants participating. All of these exams are conducted online. Especially for the International Class pathway, there are five study programs, namely Veterinary Medicine, Marine Science and Technology, Agricultural Industrial Engineering, Food Technology, and Business. Prior to the implementation of this online exam, a system trial was conducted which was carried out on August 9-14 (Phase I) and August 12-14 (Phase II).

IPB University's Deputy Chancellor for Education and Student Affairs, Dr. Drajat Martianto, said, "The trial of this system aims to anticipate unwanted events during the exam." He further said, for test purposes, participants must download and install Safe Exam Browser (SEB). In the trial, participants were asked to download and upload the Integrity Pact. "So in this trial the participants are expected to understand how the online exam in the IPB University system. In this trial the participants can recognize the types of questions, not the problem material," he explained. Dr Drajat also said, "Participants are confirmed to have logged into the exam system before the day of the exam."

The implementation of this pathway was held after previously IPB University accepted 1835 new undergraduate students through the National Selection for State Universities (SNMPTN), 1500 people through the Joint Selection for State Universities (SBMPTN), 296 people through the Student Council Chairperson Path, 79 people through the International and National Achievement (PIN) pathway, 168 people through the Regional Delegation Scholarship (BUD), 70 people through the International Class Batch I route, and 2500 people through the IPB Entrance Selection Invitation (USMI) for the diploma program (D3). (IAAS / Nas)

Published Date : 15-Aug-2020

Resource Person : Dr Drajat Martianto

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