IPB University Lecturers and Students Develop an Aquaponic System in Kuningan

Food security has a strategic position in government because food security is one of the pillars towards economic resilience and national stability. In line with the first goal of the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs), which is to reduce poverty and hunger as indicators of public welfare, to develop the food industry requires support from all elements of society because the food problem is a complex problem that requires collaboration from various parties.

 Regarding food, Kuningan Regency has abundant potential, one of which is in the agricultural sector. The agricultural sector is still the main source of livelihood for the people in Kuningan Regency. One of the vision of the Kuningan-based Regency of Kuningan Maju in 2023 is to realize rural development based on agriculture, tourism, culture, and local potential to accelerate growth and equitable distribution of the people's economy.

One of the efforts to achieve food security is the Lecturer Serve program. The service lecturer program is an application of one of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, namely community service that utilizes science and technology to advance community welfare. This program is integrated with the Thematic Real Work Lecture (KKN-T) of IPB University. This program is carried out in Muncangela Village, Cipicung District, Kuningan Regency through an aquaponic system. The program is carried out through collaboration between the Muncangela Village Government, IPB University KKN-T students, and the community, one of which is the Youth Organization, the IPB Alumni Association and also the Sharingyuk_co social activist community. activities by paying attention to and following health protocols, even though the village where the activity is in a green zone.

According to Asep Taryana STP, MM, a lecturer at IPB University from the Business School, said that the preparation of the next superior generation starts from the dining table. This is done because it will provide good intake so that it has an impact on increasing personal capacity and good intake is when paying attention to food quality that is healthy and easy to reach. Therefore, the creative concept of aquaponics seeks to provide inspiration in the fulfillment of healthy, easy and affordable food. "If we think the future superior generation will begin to improve food security governance at the household scale," he said.

In line with this, Wawan Irawan as the Head of Muncangela Village admitted that innovation in the food sector needs to be a concern. Not only that, the development of food innovation must be accompanied by an increase in human resources, one of which can be through the activities of serving lecturers. The program provides benefits especially to the community in terms of increasing knowledge of the importance of innovation and strategies for the development of sustainable food security. "There needs to be intensive education and counseling to the community," he said.

The Lecturer Serves KKN-T integration program which promotes the aquaponics system to provide innovation in sustainable village development and development for the sake of achieving community welfare in the food sector. "In the future, this program is expected to support the needs and economy of the community," said Jaelani Sidik as the Head of the Muncangela Village Youth Organization.
On the same occasion, Arini Lathifah, one of the KKN-T IPB University students, said that this program can be a means of applying knowledge and adding experience to students, especially in terms of adapting and communicating with the community as well as getting to know the local wisdom of Kuningan Regency.
Furthermore, Suci, an alumni of IPB University said that the abundance of potential local wisdom contained in Kuningan Regency, one of which is in the food sector, can be a force towards sustainable food security for the welfare of the community. (IAAS / Nas) 

Published Date : 04-Aug-2020

Resource Person : Asep Taryana STP, MM

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