Again, IPB University Held Virtual Graduation Ceremony

"Hang your dreams high up in the sky, even if you fall, you will fall between the stars," said Prof. Dr. Arif Satria, the Rector of IPB University, in the Online Graduation Ceremony at Grha Widya Wisuda (26/8).

According to him, IPB University is always held onto this quote in order to manifest the dreams. IPB University has always dreamed of becoming the Number One University in Indonesia. Now, that dream has become true.

"Last year, IPB University was still in third place. Finally, the dream came true on August 17, 2020. IPB University has been named The Best University in Indonesia," he added. Apart from delivering this quote that was ever delivered by Ir Soekarno, Prof. Arif also encouraged 429 graduates with a quote from Abraham Lincoln, who said that the best way to predict the future is to create it today.

"The uncertainty must be followed by the new works. In World War II, when the crisis hit the world, many new things have been discovered. From penicillin, radar, to jet engines. In every crisis, there is always innovation. And so does the current condition. With the COVID-19 disaster, I hope that this source of uncertainty will produce leaps, answers, and solutions to the current problems. It takes a new mindset. If the times change, there is no other way but to change ourselves," he added.

The Rector said that when facing the current situation, the mindset also must be developed. We must encourage people who have a growth mindset to continue to have outstanding innovations, accept the challenges, withstand any obstacles, happy to be a learner, and always take lessons from others' success stories. "We want IPB University graduates to be successful in becoming a leader, producing future practices, because imitating the best practices is not enough now. I hope that graduates will always become agile learners, tough learners, keep 'sawing off', but don't forget to 'hone' them. We wish all graduates a healthy and successful life. Congratulations on being part of the community, be the trendsetter who leads the community," he said.(IAAS/YN)




Published Date : 27-Aug-2020

Resource Person : Prof Arif Satria

Keyword : Online Graduation Ceremony, IPB University