TNI Collaborates with IPB University for COVID-19 Prevention in Rural Areas

Around 15 students of IPB University from various faculties attended the Social Communication event (Komsos) of the TNI with the Community Component (Student) TA 2020 that raised the theme about "The Role of Students in Assisting the Government to Handling COVID-19" (15/7) in the Conference Room of the Center for Agricultural Development Studies and Rural (PSP3) IPB University, Bogor. This event was attended by the Vice Chancellor for Cooperation and Information System of IPB University, Prof. Dr. Dodik Ridho Nurrochmat, Territorial Assistant (Aster) of TNI Commander, Major General George Elnadus Supit, S. Sos, that was represented by Paban IV Ster TNI Colonel Inf Jacky Ariestanto, SSos and Beginer Subhan , SPi, MSi as Head of the Sub Directorate of Character Development, Directorate of Student Affairs and Career Development of IPB University.

 In his remarks, Prof. Dodik explained that the policy of IPB University in handling COVID-19 was very good, starting from the academic rules to assistance for students that was affected by the pandemic, as well as other policies that support to handle the COVID-19 pandemic. "IPB University has been overseeing various steps in order to prevent the contagion of COVID-19 and we will continue to take several strategic steps in order to prevent and help those who are being affected by the COVID-19," said Prof. Dodik , who is also the Chairperson of COVID-19 Crisis Center IPB University.

 Meanwhile, Aster Panglima TNI that represented by Paban IV Ster TNI, Colonel Inf Jacky Ariestanto, SSos, said that the TNI would continue to support the government in handling COVID-19 pandemic through cooperation with various parties. "We believe that IPB University can become our partner in handling the COVID-19 in rural areas. The further aim after this, the TNI and IPB University can work together continuously  in all matters, especially in regard with the issue of Food Security in the area that will be assisted by Babinsa. We also carry out spraying disinfectant liquid around the Baranangsiang campus, Gunung Gede and Taman Kencana, "he explained.  On this occasion, President of IPB University student board (BEM KM) , Bhirawa Ananditya Wicaksana explained the activities of students during the COVID-19 pandemic. (IAAS/RI)


Published Date : 16-Jul-2020

Resource Person : Prof Dr Dodik Ridho Nurrochmat

Keyword : TNI, IPB Students, COVID-19, IPB University, collaboration of IPB and TNI