The Meat Expert of IPB University Explained on Handling and Processing of Sacrificial Meat in the Households

The qurban or eid adha will be held for the next four days. Therefore, IPB University lecturer from the Department of Feed Production and Technology, Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Dr. Tuti Suryati gave several tips on how to handle the qurban meat which is safe and healthy.

When qurban meat arives at home, Dr. Tuti suggested that the qurban meat should be separated from the innards. If there is a contamination of meat or organ meats such as soil, sand, gravel, grass or other impurities, she recommends us to wash them thoroughly, make sure up until the meat is clean.

"Ideally, the meat is not washed because of the meat washing process will have an impact on increasing the number of microbes and creating odors on the meat," explained Dr. Tuti.

If it must be washed, she further explained, that we have to make sure to use a clean water and rinse using water that is ready to drink. Washed meat is drained by using a refrigerator, so there is no existing surface water. The meat can be packaged per 250 grams or 500 grams by using transparent and odorless plastic.

"Meat can be processed directly or it can be stored cold and frozen. If its about offal, make sure that before it is stored frozen, cooked it first," She further added.

For qurban meat processing, Dr. Tuti asserted that qurban meat is cooked by using a sufficient heat such as boiling, grilling, baking or frying until cooked. She also further advised that when we are cooking meat, we have to make sure that its not to burn to begin with.

Those things need to be comprehend, so that the processed meat is gettinghealthier, she suggests us adding some spices. "If you want to make satay, you can add grated pineapple or papaya leaf that wrapped before cooking in order to get a softer satay," she explained.

Meanwhile, if we are processing qurban meat that has been stored frozen, the meat that is still in the packaging is soaked in advance by using cold water to form a fresh meat and freshly cooked according to our desire or flavor.

"Qurban meat can also be processed at once, this processed meat can be packaged 250 grams or 500 grams and stored cold or frozen. Before serving it, the frozen processed meat is thawed and then heated," She concluded. (IAAS/RI)


Published Date : 30-Jul-2020

Resource Person : Dr Tuti Suryati

Keyword : qurban meat, IPB lecturer, IPB Faculty of Agriculture, tips on processing sacrificial meat