The Director General of Higher Education Reviews UTBK Implementation on IPB University Campus

The Director General of Higher Education (Dirjen Dikti) of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, Prof. Nizam, conducted a survey of the location of the 2nd wave of Computer-Based Writing (UTBK) 2020 on the campus of IPB University, Dramaga, Bogor, (22/7). The review was conducted jointly with the Chief Executive of LTMPT Executive, Prof. Budi Prasetyo Widyobroto, Director General of Learning and Student Affairs, Prof. Aris Junaedi, Rector of IPB University, Prof. Arif Satria and Deputy Chancellor for Education and Student Affairs who is also the Head of the UTBK IPB University Center, Dr. Drajat Martianto.

During the visit, Prof. Nizam and his entourage visited the UTBK venue at the Computer Center Building (GPK) and the Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM) to see and ensure the implementation of the exam including health protocols that were applied starting from the process of measuring body temperature before entering the building to entering the room the test and the application of physical distancing in the examination room.

Prof. Nizam said, the implementation of the third wave of UTBK on the third day to date has run smoothly and well at IPB University. Prof. Nizam greatly appreciated the cooperation of the committee and the participants in complying with the health protocol during preparation for the exam. "IPB University can implement health protocols in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and is committed to continuing to provide services for prospective students because their right to attend tertiary education cannot be ignored. The health and safety of UTBK exam participants must be prioritized so that health protocols must be obeyed properly, "he said.

Meanwhile, Prof. Arif Satria said that IPB University ensured the examination room had met health standards. Namely by cleaning before and after the test is carried out, optimizing the circulation of fresh air in the room, providing hand washing facilities and hand sanitizers in all test locations. "We hope that the implementation of the second wave of UTBK at IPB University can run smoothly until the end and all parties involved are always delegated health," he added.

During his visit, the Director General of Higher Education and his entourage also had the opportunity to plant fruit trees in the Common Class Room (CCR) and continue to see the agricultural innovation garden in Agribusiness and Technology Park (ATP) IPB University. (IAAS / NAS)




Published Date : 22-Jul-2020

Resource Person : Prof Nizam, Prof Arif Satria

Keyword : UTBK IPB University, Director General of Higher Education's visit to IPB, agribusiness and technology park, UTBK health protocol