Online Agricultural Product Sales Up 400 Percent During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sandi Octa Susila is an alumni of IPB University from the Department of Agronomy and Horticulture (AGH), Faculty of Agriculture who is currently active in holding several important positions including as President Commissioner of PT Bumi Parahyangan Investama, CEO of PT Sinergi Tani Indonesia and Managing Director of the Cigombong Cigombong Agribusiness Terminal. The 1992-born young man was named General Chair of the Millennial Farmer Ambassador by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia in 2019 and had won the Andy Heroes Kick in 2020 for his work in empowering 385 farmers and his dedication to Indonesian agriculture.

Sandi's farming business is in the form of horticultural products. He started the business since he was a student in the fifth semester. When he first entered the business world, Sandi saw that the yields of vegetable gardens were not optimally traded. Capitalizing on one of the buying and selling websites, Sandi documents one by one the products of his father and the farmers in his hometown. From there he got the first experience. "The land that we are currently working on is 100 hectares," he said.

Because of this success story, Owner Farmer Partner Parahyangan was presented by the Directorate of Alumni Relations and Cooperation and the Central Leadership Council (DPP) of the Alumni Association of IPB University to fill the Alumni Insgihts event titled Getting Motivated and Learning to Succeed "Become a Techno-Sociopreneur". He shared stories about market opportunities and competitiveness of horticultural products amid COVID-19 turbulence. "The era of the COVID-19 technology pandemic is a fixed price. Agriculture, which was initially untouched by technology, inevitably has to see that opportunity, "said Sandi, who is currently listed as a graduate student in Business Management, IPB University. He also said that in this COVID era, online shopping for agricultural products overall rose 400 percent. Vegetable products increased by 7.62 billion rupiah per month while fruits increased by 360 million each month.

The high opportunity, he and the Cianjur regency government together to digitize agriculture. They formed Kedai Emak which was aimed at making it easier for buyers and at the same time maintaining the prices of farmers 'products so that farmers' yields were not valued very low.

In addition to business in the horticulture sector, Sandi also fosters a Self-Help Agriculture and Rural Training Center (P4S) that is open to anyone. At the business level, he developed UD Mitra Tani Parahyangan as a supplier of raw materials in hotels, restaurants and national events. "Studying in class is an obligation for every student who cannot be contested while joining the organization is our right. Whether or not we want to exercise our rights, "said the former Chairman of the Agronomy Student Association (Himagron). He acknowledged that the organization he had participated in as a student became a provision when he was working at this time. He is principled if to be on the top step then you must pass the bottom step first. (IAAS / NAS)


Published Date : 06-Jul-2020

Resource Person : Sandi Octa Susila

Keyword : Millennial Farmer, IPB Alumni, Horticultural Farmer, Sandi Octa Susila, Farmer Ambassador