IPB University Accepts 10 Students of Tahfidz Program, Collaboration with IZI and Islamic Permata Bank


IPB University launched the Tahfidz Student Scholarship Program, (28/7). This program is a collaboration between IPB Universityy and the Indonesian Zakat Initiative Institute (IZI) and Islamic Permata Bank, which has been going on for four years. Through a strict selection path this year, as many as ten scholarship recipient students were selected again, and in the future, they will be given guidance.

Prof. Dr. Arif Satria, Rector of IPB University, in his remarks, expressed his appreciation for students who qualify to be recipients of this scholarship. According to him, being a tahfidz student or memorizer of the Qur'an is a matter of pride. They must be prepared for the future, both soft skills and hard skills, for the progress of the nation.

"We hope that these Tahfidz students will become entrepreneurs, great researchers, company leaders, and public officials. Be future leaders who have the spirit to continue to explore the Qur'an. This opportunity and readiness are important. They must one day be ready if an opportunity arises," said Prof. Arif Satria.

This activity also presented Nana Sudiana, Director of Utilization of IZI. On this occasion, she explained that the scholarship program began in 2016. In this fourth year, Nana hopes that the enthusiasm of each party will be increased in developing the program. One of them is Islamic Permata Bank, which provides education funding support and IPB University as an educational institution that houses scholarship recipients. "This program aims to enable the younger generation to develop even better. We will try to be more serious in managing this program well. Hopefully, the collaboration with the IPB University campus will continue and each year the number of beneficiaries of this scholarship can increase," said Nana Sudiana.

Furthermore, Feddy Fadillah from Islamic Permata Bank, as well as Alumni from IPB University explained about various programs that have been carried out by their development. Permata Bank also runs a smart farm development program with millennial farmers. As well as medical assistance for less fortunate people. "We hope that through this program we can help younger siblings to focus on college. Besides, the hope is to be able to spread Islam to the community. We request the assistance of IPB University to support this outstanding student. Hopefully, this program can also be developed more sustainably. Next year we plan to increase scholarships for female students," said Feddy Fadillah. (NA / Zul)(IAAS/YN)




Published Date : 31-Jul-2020

Resource Person : Prof Dr Arif Satria

Keyword : IPB Scholarship, IPB students, IPB students from tahfidz program