IPB University Strictly Implements the COVID-19 Protocol during Computer Based Writing Test

This year, the IPB University was appointed as one of the Computer-Based Writing Test Centers (UTBK) by the Higher Education Entrance Test Institute (LTMPT). Unlike the previous year, the implementation of the UTBK this year imposed strict health regulations bearing in mind the implementation of the tests were still in a COVID-19 pandemic.

In connection with this pandemic the only participants who are domiciled in the Regency or City of Bogor can be accepted. This letter is based on the Bogor Mayor's Letter dated June 24, 2020, concerning the implementation of the Large Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) and strengthened by a letter from the Regional Secretary of West Java Province as the Daily Chair of the Task Force for the Acceleration of COVID-19 Countermeasures in West Java on July 1, 2020.

Participants who cannot take the test at the UTBK IPB University Center have requested in advance via email, the UTBK-IPB website and the helpdesk provided. The participants added to not attend and filled out an online form to collect data on domicile information. The data will be submitted to the LTMPT and then participants will be relocated to a test place that is closer to their respective domicile on July 20-24, 2020. Thus this is only an alleged time of the test.

Participants who come from outside Bogor who also cannot attend UTBK for safety reasons, will be relocated to UTBK in the city of origin or the nearest location of the domicile participant. University of IPB as one of the UTBK Centers has sent relocation information to participants from outside Bogor via email to each UTBK participant.

Overall participants who will attend the UTBK at the UTBK IPB University Center are 14,893 people. The UTBK Test in IPB is carried out in the first phase, July 5-14, 2020. The test is conducted on each day into two sessions: the morning session at 8.15-11.15 and the afternoon session at 13.15-16.15. On the first day, as many as 2,854 participants at the UTBK-IPB Center had taken the test.

The implementation of UTBK under the coordination of IPB University is spread over 19 points, namely Dramaga IPB Campus, Cilibende IPB  Campus, Gunung Gede IPB  Campus and IPB  Partner Schools namely SMAN 1 Bogor, SMAN 5 Bogor, Pesat Vocational High School, YPHB High School, Bina Mandiri Bogor High School, SMAN Bogor 10 Bogor, MAN 2 Bogor City, SMKN 2 Bogor, SMAN 3 Bogor, SMAN 2 Bogor, SMKN 3 Bogor, SMKN 1 Cibinong, PGRI 3 Bogor SMKS, SMAN 1 Rancabungur, and SMK 1 Ciomas.

On the first day of the test, the Rector of IPB University, Prof. Dr. Arif Satria had the opportunity to visit the test location on the IPB Campus in Cilibende. The Chancellor hopes that UTBK can run smoothly until the last day of implementation. "Although it is still in the atmosphere of a COVID-19 pandemic, we hope that the implementation of the UTBK will run smoothly, orderly and safely," he said.

The application of health protocols during the implementation of the UTBK at IPB University was carried out since the test takers entered the test site both on campus and in partner locations, namely several schools in the City / Regency of Bogor. Test participants are required to wear a mask from home, face shield before entering the test location and continue to do physical distancing. Test participants are also recommended to wear gloves and face shield during the test. Plastic gloves were provided by the UTBK-IPB University Center. This health protocol was informed to participants in the days before the test.

In addition, participants are also required to go directly to their homes after taking the test.

A number of medical and paramedical staff coordinated by IPB University in collaboration with hospitals and schools were assigned to each test location. (IAAS/FAP)




Published Date : 06-Jul-2020

Resource Person : Prof Dr Arif Satria

Keyword : UTBK IPB University, COVID-19 protocol in UTBK, location of UTBK IPB, relocation of UTBK participants