FEMA IPB University: The Only Faculty in Indonesia which Focuses on Human Ecology

Study about Human Ecology have been well-developed. Many Universities has provided facilities for this field by establishing Faculty of Human Ecology. IPB University is the only university in Indonesia which has a faculty for human ecology. Faculty of Human Ecology (FEMA) IPB University was established as the respond toward the development of human civilization, especially in Indonesia.

“Human ecology studies the interrelationship between human and culture with environment. The goal of this field is to continuously improve the quality of life for people, family and society. IPB University has developed Faculty of Human Ecology since 2006,” said Prof Dr Hardiansyah, The General President of Nutrition and Food Society of Indonesia and also lecturer of IPB University from Department of Community Nutrition, in the Webinar of FEMA WISE (29/7).

According to him, study of human ecology has developed over the past century. The study was rapidly developed, responding to the rapid development of information technology. The presence of science is also very important in the industrial era 4.0 and society 5.0. FEMA IPB University is expected to become the pioneer along with other stakeholders in the development of human ecology studies in Indonesia.

Another speaker was Dr Budi Setiawan, The Head of Center for Gender and Child Studies, Institute of Research and Community Service (LPPM) IPB University. He explained that Faculty of Human Ecology is categorized into cluster of economics science and management. The disciplines learned in human ecology are the interactions of human, community and environment which related to the environment and nutrition. “This faculty consists of three departments, which are Department of Community Nutrition (GM), Department of Family and Consumer Sciences (IKK), and Department of Communication Science and Community Development (SKPM). These three departments was the development from Agricultural  Agricultural Socio-Economic and Agricultural Family Life Major, when IPB University was a part of Faculty of Agriculture in University of Indonesia,” said Dr Budi.

Dr Rina Mardiana, lecturer of IPB University from Department of Communication Science and Community Development and also The Coodinator of Human Ecology Lectures, explained about the development of human ecology studies. According to her, the development of lecture materials of this field is very rapid, following the development of human and cultures. Students who take the lecture are encouraged to do some actions in the community to implement to knowledge.

That matter was also in line with what was said by Prof Dr Ujang Sumarwan, The Dean of the Faculty of Human Ecology. In his opinion, human ecology studies will rapidly develop along with the rapid changes which is happened nowdays. Besides, environmental factors and information technology development will accelerate the process.

“FEMA graduates are equipped with character skills to respond to social changes. Mainly, they are educated to be able to formulate strategies to build better and prosperous human resources by utilizing digital information technology,” said Prof Dr Ujang Sumarwan. (IAAS/ISL)



Published Date : 31-Jul-2020

Resource Person : Prof Dr Hardinsyah

Keyword : FEMA IPB University, Human Ecology, Sustainable Development, lecturer of IPB