Discussion on Virus with Virologist and Doctor of IPB University

The Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) IPB University held the first series of WebSkul that raised the theme 'Knowing Viruses, Vaccines and Immune Systems', (07/16). This seminar was presented two IPB University lecturers from the Department of Biochemistry as key speakers. Namely Prof. Dr. I Made Artika and Dr. Husnawati. 

Prof. Dr. I Made Artika, Professor of the Department of Biochemistry of IPB University as well as Virologist at Eijkman Laboratory explained that there is at least one mysterious thing about the corona virus that causes COVID-19, its a very high transmission speed of the virus. 

The corona virus that infects humans has been identified since 1966, but the corona virus was not so dangerous back then due to its low pathogenic. The highly dangerous or highly pathogenic corona virus began to appear in 2002, named SARS-CoV, which began to develop in China and spreading accross the world from 2003 to 2004. Then,  in 2012 the second highly pathogenic corona virus, MERS-CoV, has appeared, the second one became a horrible pandemic in the Middle East. The case still escalating up until now, even since the last December 2019, there is a new type of corona virus which is also classified as highly pathogenic and currently causes a pandemic in the world, namely SARS-CoV-2. 

The disease that was caused by this virus is called Coronavirus Disease 2019 or COVID-19. The latest corona virus is considered more dangerous because it causes a huge pandemic that brings sustainable uncertainty and has infected around 13 millions people worldwide and killed more than 570 thousand people. 

In order to prevent the COVID-19, the participants whose joining the event were encouraged to continue to comply with the health protocols according to the WHO instructions, such as using the masks, avoiding crowds, washing our hands with soap and eating nutritious food. Furthermore, he explained that the lipid membrane in the structure of the corona virus can be damaged by the soap or detergent, inlight with the protein structure of the virus that can be denatured or coagulated by alcohol. 

In the human body, there are many foreign substances that brinhs more threats to the body,they are called as pathogens. In order to avoid them entering and interfering with our bodily functions, there must be a system that is designed to work in preventing and holding these pathogens.

Dr. Husnawati analogize the immune system to  the defense system in a country. "A country has an agency that functions in order to maintain the country's resilience. It's therefore like in our body that there is a defense system, that's how the role of the immune system is, "she explained. The Medical Biochemistry Lecturer who is also played the role of General Practitioner at the IPB University Polyclinic.

Dr. Husna explained that ach individual or a person's body has a different kind of immune response. She has also explained the important role of vaccination or immunization to train the immune system in dealing with the certain pathogens. Meanwhile, Prof. Made explained that, vaccines are intact microorganisms or part of the virus. Vaccines can also in the form of weak viruses that are still active that can be cultured in the body. He further explained that, the ideal term of vaccine is a vaccine that is not only effective and safe, but the price is also affordable for layer of society. (IAAS/RI)



Published Date : 17-Jul-2020

Resource Person : Prof Dr I Made Artika

Keyword : virus, vaccine, virologist of IPB, Department of Biochemistry, lecturer of IPB