BLST Leaders Talk, Preparing for a Marriage Ceremony in New Normal

Marriage is a sacred thing, both religious and cultural. Each region has its own special traditions and customs in celebrating weddings. However, the pandemic made many changes in wedding ceremony, mainly to reduce the number of people present, and even some couples were forced to postpone wedding ceremony until the pandemic ended.

"Until now we do not know when COVID-19 pandemic will end. Marriage celebrations during the pandemic must implement strict health protocols," said Prof. Dr. Erika Laconi as the Vice Chancellor for Innovation, Business and Entrepreneurship, IPB University in BLST Leaders Talk, (2/7).

According to her, marriage during new normal can be done without having to delay. She explained, during the pandemic not to make targets and agendas stop, but to adjust themselves. Prof. Erika highly appreciated PT Bogor Life Science and Technology (BLST), a holding company owned by IPB University that held a webinar related to marriage in new normal era.

Present as the speaker is Gandy Priapratama, Chairperson of the Indonesian Marriage Arrangement Company Association (Hastana). According to him, every wedding organizer (WO) must obey the established health protocol. All WO crews must wear masks, wash their hands regularly, and all locations of the wedding activity have been sprayed with disinfectants. "One of the concepts applied is non-touch service, which is to reduce direct physical touch. Next is non-touch communication using the help of digital communication tools. In addition, registration is done online either by barcode or video registration," said Gandy Priapratama.

Furthermore, Gandy said that owner of catering services also had to have a feasible sanitation hygiene certificate issued by the local Health Office. While the decoration also has to make a social distancing concept layout. The building or wedding venue can only be filled not more than half of the total capacity of the room. "Health protocols are applied in all part, such as the decorating team, the photographer team, the catering team, the makeup team and all parties involved. This anticipation is carried out so that the spread of COVID-19 virus can be reduced and couples do not need to delay marriage and continue to be carried out according to the established protocol," concluded Gandy Priapratama. (IAAS/SAR)



Published Date : 06-Jul-2020

Resource Person : Prof Dr Erika Laconi

Keyword : BLST Leaders Talk, marriage in new normal era, wedding ceremony protocol in pandemic, wedding ceremony during pandemic