Biology Lecturer at IPB University: Stress, Running, and Eating Incense Can Improve Human Brain Memory

Dr. Berry Juliandi, lecturer at IPB University from Division of Animal Functions and Behavior, Department of Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) shared his knowledge related to the latest neuroscience in online lectures. According to Dr. Berry, temporary unpredictable stress can make brain neurons more branching.

"It means that the unpredictable temporary stress turns out to be good for memory," He explained in a one-day online lecture held by Department of Biology, FMIPA, IPB University, (17/7). He also added that running can also improve memory in the human brain.

He also revealed that neuroscience take benefits from many plants in Indonesia. In his research, Dr. Berry has tried various types of plants such as basil, gotu kola, spinach, incense, and other herbal plants. These plants are considered to be able to improve human brain memory

"Generally, incense is usually burned for mystical things. But apparently, incense can also be drunk or eaten. "If we give incense to mice, it will have a higher brain memory compared to mice that were not given the treatment," He said.

Meanwhile, Prof. Dr. Antonius Suwanto, a lecturer at IPB University from Microbiology Division, Department of Biology, FMIPA IPB University was also presented in the online one-day lecture. Prof. Antonius discussed the technique of making Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) with the headlines of genetic engineering and genome editing. Surprisingly, that technique is increasingly popular in the world.

Eventhough the lecture was held online, the one-day lecture, which was attended by more than 200 high school students from various regions in Indonesia, did not affect participants' enthusiasm and the essence of the event. The participants from Sumatra to Papua were invited to participate actively in the online lecture. They were invited to discuss genome editing in humans and other things about GMOs.

Dr Miftahudin as The Chair of  Biology Department said that the purpose of the online one-day lecture was to share knowledge and broader insights about biology, Biology Department FMIPA IPB University itself. He also said that by 2019 there were more than 130 scientific papers from the department he led that were published nationally and internationally.

"The expertise of IPB University Biology lecturers has been recognized internationally. This is evidenced from many studies of his lecturers who were successfully cited by world researchers. Our department also provides guest lecturer facilities who are world researchers to give lectures in the department. We give the widest possible space for our students to progress and play an active role both on national and international levels,” He explained. (IAAS/NRF)



Published Date : 20-Jul-2020

Resource Person : Dr Berry Juliandi

Keyword : Biology, Department of Biology, IPB, FMIPA IPB, IPB University, GMO, Incense.