BEM KM and Himaiko IPB University Want to Revive Storytelling Culture

The role of students in preserving storytelling culture is so important. For example, through community service programs such as Real Work Lectures (KKN), students can socialize fairy tale culture to the residents in the KKN implementation location.

"The method is to start storytelling and cadre the community. And finally, this fairy tale will be maintained so that Indonesian children in the next five years the character will be maintained. Because, one of the benefits of fairy tales is to build children's character, through the insertion of values when storytelling. So, when the children listen to fairy tales, the values that are delivered will continue to be remembered by them," said Muhammad Acep Ansori, Storyteller of the Indonesian Storytelling Village as a resource person for Online Discussion in commemoration of the 2020 National Children's Day, which was held by two student organizations at IPB University namely the Student Executive Board of Student Families (BEM KM) and the Family and Consumer Science Student Association (Himaiko), (7/23).

In the discussion that took the theme "Fairytale: Fun Method in Serving for the Development of the Character of Indonesian Children", Ansori had the opportunity to read a fairy tale entitled "Great Children, Take Care of Yourself, Help Others". By introducing fairy tales as one of the creative methods in education and character development of Indonesian children, it is expected that it will broaden horizons and increase the interest of IPB University students' families in the storytelling culture.

"Storytelling culture nowadays among parents is rarely done, even though there are many variations of fairy tales with messages that are easier to convey and of course keep up with the times. If viewed from the benefits, with storytelling, so many benefits are obtained. Among them are developing children's character and can also eliminate trauma and restore the motivation of disaster victims. So storytelling can be a method of choice in serving the community," said Bhirawa Ananditya Wicaksana, President of BEM KM.

According to Ansori, for adaptation during the pandemic this time, Kampung Dongeng made online programs ranging from podcasts and online training as well as week activities to become Friends of Children which were attended by 100 participants throughout Indonesia. But there are also people who are reluctant to tell stories because of feelings of shame and feel unable to tell stories. Basically, storytelling can be mastered by learning storytelling techniques. References about fairy tales can be obtained by reading a lot of books to present ideas in storytelling.

Storytelling can begin with the preparation of material, the outline of the story, the development of the story, and give something interesting such as intonation and humorous inserts that are entertaining for children. Storytelling must be adapted to the conditions of each child, in other words, there will be adjustments to the method used depending on the situation, circumstances, and characteristics of the child.

"In storytelling, it's very important to know that a child's concentration level is usually around ten minutes. After that, it needs improvisation from the storyteller to restore the focus of the children earlier. As an emphasis on intonation in each narration and character dialogue in the fairy tale, so children who lose focus can be interested again to follow the fairy tale delivered. So that the message contained in a fairy tale can be conveyed to the audience, we must embed the message in the character trait in a fairy tale. And of course, it is packaged using language that is easily understood by the audience, so that the message to be conveyed can be delivered optimally. (** / Zul)(IAAS/YN)




Published Date : 27-Jul-2020

Resource Person : Muhammad Acep Ansori

Keyword : IPB University, BEM KM, Himaiko, Fairy Tales