Alumni of IPB University Work Together with Indonesian Bureau of Logistics (BULOG) in Distributing 100 Food Packages for COVID-19 Affected Residents

The 31 IPB University Alumni Community who are members of the JKL31 Humanitarian Foundation (Window on Sustainable Humanity 31) worked along with Indonesian Bureau of Logistics (BULOG) to distribute 100 food packages to Bogor residents who were affected by COVID-19. The distribution of food was carried out symbolically at DKM Riyadush Shalihin Kebun Raya Residence Residence RT 02, RW 10 Mekar Jaya Village, Ciomas, Bogor, (7/19).

"We distributed the food packages to janitors, security officers, teachers, and elderly / widows. JKL will also provide cash grants to orphans. For a while from the IPB31 family. Another JKL program is the donation of secondhand laptops to underprivileged students in order to support the Merdeka Belajar program. The inaugural event of scholarships and laptop donations as well as launching JKL31 will be held on the same day of Indonesia's Independence Day, which is on August 17, 2020.” Said Chairman of the JKL31 Foundation, Musbakri Ahmad, STP.

The JKL31 Foundation collaborates with stakeholders in order to reduce gaps and provide additional benefits that can be felt directly by the community. The groceries that were distributed this time were donations from the employees of Indonesian Bureau of Logistics (BULOG) to the people who got affected by COVID-19. Grocery packages from Indonesian Bureau of Logistics (BULOG) staff have been distributed in several JABODETABEK areas since April to June 2020.

"In the future, JKL31 Foundation will collaborate with various stakeholders in other humanitarian activities so that the surrounding community can take as many benefits as possible. This aligns with one of JKL31's missions, namely to manage social humanitarian programs that provide the best solutions in the fields of education and economics that have a wide impact on the surrounding community and the environment" said Musbakri Ahmad. (IAAS/NRF)


Published Date : 23-Jul-2020

Resource Person : Musbakri Ahmad, STP

Keyword : COVID-19, Food Packages, JKL31 Humanitarian Foundation, IPB Alumni