Silviculture Department of IPB University Analyzes Plants that Produce Essential Oils to Fight COVID-19 virus

Indonesia's biodiversity has great potentials in contributing as test components in finding the right medicine to cope with COVID-19. This encourages Silviculture Department, Faculty of Forestry, IPB University to hold a discussion with the theme "Plants / Trees that Produce Essential Oils to Fight COVID-19", (25/6) through Goggle Meet and YouTube live streaming.

"Efforts to prevent COVID-19 transmission are social distancing, washing hands, wearing masks and staying healthy. Usage of essential oils for aromatherapy in healthy respiratory tract, including the role of anti-snoring. Aromatherapy which contained in essential oils can break down protein bonds in phlegm so that phlegm is thinner and easier to remove and can also help with nasal congestion, sinus pain, congestion, mucus buildup (mucosa) and swollen nasal tissue.” said Prof. Dr. Supriyanto, lecturer at IPB University from Department of Silviculture.

Prof. Dr. Supriyanto said, physiologically, every plant has an active ingredient which is the result of secondary metabolism that can produce essential oils. Essential oils contain active ingredients that are composed of components, ingredients and active ingredients that are able to function as an antivirus or COVID-19 prevention in increasing immunity. The application of essential oils can be done through three methods, namely inhalation (inhalation), massage (spa), and diffusion (room).

"As long as COVID-19 vaccine has not been found yet, prevention efforts are needed by using natural resources around us. Many Indonesian plants have the potential for prevention through aromatherapy." He added. Meanwhile, according to Prof. Dr. Ervizal AM Zuhud, IPB University lecturer from Faculty of Forestry, Indonesia is a country which rich in natural resources and has a great opportunity in preventing COVID-19 transmission.

"There might be no COVID-19 vaccine in one year. According to virus experts that the COVID-19 virus is not only one type, there are many. When the vaccine is found and the vaccine is given to people, then it's not possible. In fact, it can cause vaccine malls. With our natural resources, we have a very big chance to fight COVID-19 through preventive actions or by increasing immunity." He explained.

Prof. Dr. Irmanida Batubara, IPB University lecturer from Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) explained the effects that occur if various natural ingredients containing essential oils are combined, whether it will mutually reinforce or reduce the efficacy of these natural materials.

"This effect cannot be said that all plants directly synergize or all plants will be antagonistic. Everything depends on the plant type. Examples of our essential oils are fragrant roots, whose compounds are known to have antioxidant and antibacterial effects. Then cloves have an exciting effect. Eucalyptus has the ability with its sineol compound reported to be able to inhibit the development of viruses and there have been patents stating this is capable of being an anti-corona virus." explained the Head of the Center for Tropical Biopharmaca Studies (Trop BRC) IPB University.  (IAAS/NRF)



Published Date : 26-Jun-2020

Resource Person : Prof Dr Irmanida Batubara

Keyword : Department of Silviculture, IPB University, Essential Oils, COVID-19, Department of Chemistry, Center for Biopharmaca Studies, IPB lecturers