Rector of IPB University Explains Campus Adaptation in Pandemic in a Special Interview with Claudius Boekan

To survive is no longer a matter of who is the strongest but who is the most able to adapt. How the people's campuses adapted to face the COVID-19 Pandemic was explained by the Rector of IPB University, Prof. Dr. Arif Satria in a Special Interview with Claudius Boekan with the theme Adapting to the Campus Against Corona, 19/6.

Opening the discussion, Claudius said that there was an aspiration from the Indonesian Student Executive Board (BEM SI) to review the Single Tuition Fee (UKT). Responding to this, Prof. Arif explained that in accordance with the direction of the Minister of Education and Culture that there was no increase in UKT during the pandemic. He explained that the UKT policy was returned to each campus. "For students affected and experiencing difficulties, various schemes can be carried out. For example reduction, installments can even be liberated if it really is not able. Students, please submit to their respective tertiary institutions, "he said.

 Prof. Arif stressed that he did not want any student to drop out (DO) only because of UKT. IPB University also provides internet subsidies of 150 thousand per month for three months starting April-June for students. "We also provide lunch and dinner assistance for students who survive in the Dormitory. Then for 750 students who don't go home and stay around the campus who can't afford it, we provide financial assistance, "he explained.

While the lecture activity policy, according to him varies depending on the situation and zoning of the campus. IPB University has decided that learning will be done online, starting from August 31 until UTS (Mid Semester Examination), after UTS to UAS (Final Semester Examination), most of them are online, some of them needing practicum and laboratory can be offline on campus. An exception is also for the veterinary profession. The first three months are preparing for the campus to adapt to online lectures. When entering the new school year it should be better from the aspect of network and lecturer readiness.

Prof. Arif who currently serves as Chair of the Indonesian Chancellors' Forum explained the importance of speed in making decisions in preparation. The intended preparation is lecturer skills, material and infrastructure. "Online lectures will be successful if three variables are reached. First, enthusiastic students, second, smooth network and finally proportional assignments. All the policies we take are based on evidence or facts, "he said.

For some lecturers, the lecture system is something new, although for some other lecturers this is normal. At IPB University, online college training has been prepared for 50 percent of lecturers in 2018-2019. This is what really helped IPB University in organizing online lectures.

He continued that to deal with odd semester lectures, training for lecturers would be prepared. Online orientation lectures are problem solving and more variations with visual images. This is an opportunity to be oriented to a problem-oriented curriculum so students are encouraged to recognize the reality that exists and can provide solving. IPB University also encourages lecturers to introduce their knowledge to the extent of its relevance to the present context.

"What was conveyed by the Minister (Minister of Education and Culture) related to Merdeka Belajar is an answer to our anxiety. So freedom of learning is practiced with one or two semesters of study outside for internships, business, research and community development activities. At IPB University, we have prepared eight models and students choose. Now we are preparing the implementation framework. So the student must be "hands on" in his field and accustomed to facing problems in the field so that he is expected to be able to provide solutions, "he said.

Regarding the results of research related to the COVID-19 Pandemic, IPB University has a Center for Biopharmaca Studies for the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) which examines local herbs for health so that immunity is strong against COVID-19. "Now in the process of clinical trials for guava compounds as well as oranges. This collaborates with the private sector for the downstreaming. At present it is important how the existing government and research institutions collaborate. Collaborative research will produce extraordinary innovations, for example guava research that we collaborate with UI, "he said.

While in the effort to prevent COVID-19, IPB University is pushing for various researches, including research in the field of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) kits. IPB University strengthened the Center for Biopharmaca Studies so that the raw materials for medicines come from local raw materials. With the presence of biopharmaca, it's time we create herbal products. So the orientation of IPB University is not only on agriculture and food, but also how agriculture supports health, "he explained. (IAAS / NAS)



Published Date : 22-Jun-2020

Resource Person : Prof Dr Arif Satria

Keyword : COVID-19, Center for Biopharmaca Studies, IPB University, online lectures, single tuition, herbal, independent campuses.