The PSP3 of IPB University and Jimmy from The Hantu Foundation, Developing School of Yard Agricultural Innovation (SIPP)

The Center for Agriculture and Rural Development Studies (PSP3), Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) of IPB University incollaborations with the Farmers and Jimmy Hantu Foundation, held a Webinar in term of Studium Generale School of Agricultural Innovation in Yard (SIPP), (16/6). SIPP is a non-formal school about the development of agriculture and yard use.

The purpose of the SIPP's implementation is to create an innovative of fulfilling household food needs from the existing limited land, increase the household productivity with agricultural activities as well as the value of yard plant resources, while reducing household waste at the same time.

 The SIPP's mentor comprises of Sugimin, MSi better known as Jimmy Hantu and Dr. Sofyan Sjaf, the Head of PSP3 IPB University. The substantive materials that baing taught in regards to the upstream and downstream aspects of agriculture practices. 

"Participants are expected to attend 14 meetings. If they are unable to attend, they have to joint minimum attendance that reaches 80 percent. Participants will be able to get a graduation mark in the form of an agricultural certificate, "said Dr. Sofyan Sjaf.

 According to him, SIPP needs a strong collaborative and participatory space, so that the participants will be able to get the optimum benefits. In the COVID-19 pandemic era, the world is predicted to experience a food crisis, as a continuation of the economic crisis. 

"If the food problem is not taken care of carefully, then this nation will be collapsed. Food crisis, resulting numbers of hunger and triggered a social unrest. We don't need to worry about the food crisis problem, if the existing potential of agriculture is well managed, its started from the household level, in order to produce food diversification, "said the IPB University lecturer from the Department of Communication Science and Community Development. 

Meanwhile, Jimmy prepares ten hectares of land in Sukamantri, Taman Sari District, Bogor as a location to practice the theories of planting to post-harvest treatment under the SIPP program. The land is also an inherent part of the Tahfidz Nurul Jannah Pondok Qur'an of Jimmy Hantu. On that area, the participants will be given a taught related to the processing of added value from the yard cultivation results. 

"SIPP participants are free from charge, including when they are conducting direct field practices," Jimmy said. In the webinar, Jimmy showed a huge  Oyong fruit, the length around one and a half meters, this as the result of his yard farm at Pondok Tahfidz. Jimmy hopes that with this SIPP program, the participants can generate money from their respective yards. Jimmy also emphasized that rice washing water to not be thrown away, because it also can be made into several products.

On this webinar, Jimmy showed a number of products that can be produced at the household level, such as artificial honey (not from the bees, but the raw materials from bananas), shampoo and hair lice killers and so on. 

With regard to the agricultural innovator and agrosocial innovator figure, Dr. Sofyan Sjaf hopes that Jimmy can be 'cloned' so that there will be lots of another Jimmy outhere. "SIPP is a part of strategic effort in order to clone Jimmy sociopreneur's footprint throughout Indonesia," he said. (IAAS/RI)

Published Date : 17-Jun-2020

Resource Person : Jimmy Hantu dan Dr Sofyan

Keyword : PSP3, LPPM, Jimmy Ghost, IPB University, empowering yards, food diversification, IPB lecturers