Prof. Husin Alatas, The Theoretical Physicist of IPB University Discusses the Theory of Physics Research Opportunities in the Pandemic Era COVID-19

IPB University lecturer who is also the Head of Theory of Physics Division, Department of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA), Prof. Dr. Husin Alatas became one of the speakers from the Webinar held by the University of Indonesia (6/18) entitled "Opportunities for Theory of Physics Research in the Era COVID-19 Pandemic ". There are more than 1,200 participants who attended via the zoom platform and YouTube. In his presentation, Prof. Husin raised the theme "Focus Diversification on Theoretical Physics Research". According to him theoretical physicists must be brave to get out of traditional topics such as particle physics, cosmology, condensed material and so forth. Theoretical physicists must also begin to focus on research topics with a relatively high degree of complexity.

Biological systems and social systems are essentially similar to physical systems that have been studied by theoretical physicists. So the effort to understand it should be another focus of physicists."Therefore, the scientific characteristics of theoretical physics which rely on the power of mathematics, abstraction, imagination and intuition are expected to be able to contribute to the understanding of these complex systems through the methods that have been used by them," he said.

It cannot be denied that the study of theoretical physics such as quantum theory which began a century ago has contributed to the progress of civilization. Based on this fact, it is not excessive if it is hoped that new breakthroughs might also be produced in the future in relation to understanding complex systems.Ending his presentation, Prof. Husin Alatas quoted the physicist Heinz Pagel's words "The great unexplored frontier is complexity. I am convinced that nations and people that masters the new science of complexity will become the economic, cultural, and political superpowers of the next century ", which states the importance of mastering the understanding of complexity.

Meanwhile the speaker from the Bandung Institute of Technology, Prof. Dr. Bobby E Gunara in his presentation conveyed the formulation of physical laws if it was assumed that the universe had additional dimensions of space other than the length, width and height that people experience. Another speaker, Dr. Aziz Majidi from the University of Indonesia spoke about the role of theoretical and computational physics in developing people's understanding of the phenomena observed in condensed matter. (IAAS / NAS)

Published Date : 19-Jun-2020

Resource Person : Prof Husin

Keyword : Physicist Theory, Quantum Theory, Husin Alatas, FMIPA, Physics Department, IPB University, IPB lecturer