IPB Business School Now Offers International Class

IPB University’s Business School (SB) and its Student Executive Board SB have held the “Get to Know SB IPB University” event (13/6). This online event was themed “Deep Talk: How to Become Bachelor of Business”, and presented two speakers: Prof Dr Noer Azam Achsani (SB Dean) and Dr Utami Dyah Syafitri (Head, Sub-Directorate of Students Enrollment and Registration), under the Directorate of Educational Administration and Admission Management. At this event, SB was introduced to the participants. Questions about registration and the academic life in SB were discussed thoroughly. This event was joined by high school students, counseling guidance teachers, and parents of students from all over Indonesia. In his speech and brief explanation on the SB program (Bachelor of Business), Prof Noer Azam discussed in detail the vision and mission which are held by SB, the SB curriculum, lectures which will be presented for seven semesters, facilities, and the collaborations SB has with educational institutions and companies, both national and international. Dr Utami conveyed that in upcoming academic year of 2020/2021, IPB University will be opening International Class in five (5) departments, one of them is the Business major in SB with the capacity of 50 students. Lectures in the International Class will be given in full English and the participating students will be given a chance to have international exchanges for one semester. She further explained that the second batch of the International Class registration is open from June 20th to July 27th, 2020. The entrance exam will be held online on August 2nd, 2020 with questions that focus on students’ Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS).

Aiming for advancing quality for the International Class, students must fulfill several requirements, one of them being a 2018, 2019 or 2020 graduate of Science Program of a local or international high school equivalent institution, and is able to provide a certificate as proof of English ability. The opportunity of international exchanges is not limited to students from the International Class. General students of SB are also presented with the opportunity of participating in exchanges abroad. SB has multiple relations with several of the world’s top tier universities, among others Warsaw University (Poland), Hochschule Bremen University (Germany), Copenhagen Business School (Denmark), Shanghai Maritime University (China), University of Adelaide (Australia), and Massey Business School (UK). SB also presents their students with many kinds of scholarships and facilitates students who are interested in participating in both local and international competitions.

Published Date : 15-Jun-2020

Resource Person : Dr Utami

Keyword : Business School, International Class, IPB University, IPB admission pathway