IPB University Professor Talked about New Academic Year in The New Normal Condition

Facing new academic year admist the pandemic period creates some problems, especially in education sector.  The challenge to keep educating students during the current condition must be done with all available facilities we had. That matter encouraged Indonesian Professors Association (API) to hold Educational Webinar themed “New Academic Year in COVID-19 New Normal Condition: Are We Ready?”, on (15/6) via Zoom and Youtube Live Streaming.

IPB University professor as well as The President of Indonesian Professors Association, Prof Dr Ari Purbayanto, explained in his speech, that the webinar was the 7th webinar series which was held by API. “The theme becomes very revelant because new normal condition is followed with the start of new academic year. People are feeling anxious and worried. This Webinar is attended by 1817 participants. Because of that, we hope the information given by the speakers can be widely spreaded,” he explained.

In that opportunity, Prof Dr Asep Saefudin, The Rector of Al-Azhar University of Indonesia as well as Statistical Professor of IPB University explained about educational transformation which has happened. The education has transformed from physical activities (face-to-face) basis before COVID-19 pandemic to virtual basis during the pandemic which implements education based on digital technology, work from home, study from home, and online lecture.

“The problem is that not all long-distance education system is structured. It is suggested the institutions related to internet bussiness give support to schools and students, because the basis from all of that matters acctually must comply with good quality education,” Prof Asep explained.

Prof Asep also explained about some transformation of educational activities which can be applied in the pandeic period. One of them is the policy of Merdeka Belajar. Merderka Belajar which consists of some activities like student exhange, internship, teaching and research assistance can be arranged either with online or offline method.

“The student exhange which used to be done with offline-based activities, can be done with online-based method. The student exchange can be done in overseas campus by taking University Credit Unit from the university and also having certificate from the university via online, especially admist the condition which force activities to be done via online. If the condition get better, It could be done by mixed method,” he explained. 

If it is done by offline method, All things should be prepared according to the current condition and available protocols, like health protocol, human resource protocol, and tridharma protocol. If the lecturer use public transportation, he/she should bring extra clothes. Campus should also provide bathrooms.

“Including thematic Commmunity Service Program (KKN-Tematik) which has village development concept, The program are still being arrenged to be done via online. So, students do not have to be in the location, and just contact the villages which have the needed facilities,” he said. (IAAS/ISL)

Published Date : 17-Jun-2020

Resource Person : Prof Dr Ari Purbayanto

Keyword : Indonesian Professors Association, post-COVID-19 pandemic education