IPB University and Brawijaya University Agreed that Molecular Approaches are The Most Accurate Detection for COVID-19

To improve the understanding about diagnostic technique and molecular research development of COVID-19, Faculty of Animal Science IPB University and Brawijaya University held a webinar themed “Diagnostic and Research of COVID-19 in Indonesia”, (30/5). The webinar was attended by 186 participants from 49 public and private universities, also some government research institutes and schools. 

According to The Dean from Faculty of Animal Science IPB University, Prof Dr Ir Sumiati, molecular genetic science in animal science field is not only applicable for livestocks, but also applicable for diagnosing COVID-19 in human. Because of that, people who pursue in animal science field are expected to give more contribution in nation’s welfare.

In that opportunity, Roaslein Putri, SPt, Msi, as an Application Scientist of PT Ecosains Hayati, explained about COVID-19 diagnostic technique using Real Time PCR (RT qPCR). That technique claimed to be the most accurate method in detecting the presence of COVID-19 compared to other methods.

“RT qPCR has high sensitivity, spesific target perfomance, capable to handle 96 samples for each running time, and fast testing time (4-5 hours). RT qPCR is better that conventional PCR because RT qPCR has probe as additional element. The probe consists of fluorescence and quencher which act as reporter to the CCD detector camera, and the report is given for each amplification cycle. The target genes of virus, which are used for COVID-19 diagnostic, are RdRp, E, N1, N2, and ORF1ab,” she said.

Meanwhile, Ria Putri Rahmadhani, SPt, MS1, as General Manager of PT Pandu Biosains explained about the development of COVID-19 reasearch using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technique in Indonesia and world.

According to her, COVID-19 handling method generally use two methods, diagnostic testing and surveillance program. Diagnostic testing is used for helping the clinician to conduct control examination with COVID-19 positive or negative using RT qPCR technique. Surveillance program is used for bigger scope like virus identification, spreading route transmission tracking, virus adaptation speed determination, vaccine therapy target determination, and understanding the presence of coinfection.

“Surveillance program is very beneficial for government in making the national-scale handling plan for COVID-19,” she added.

From the seminar, It can be cocluded that molecular biology approaches are the most accurate method for COVID-19 detection. Besides, molecular reasearch of COVID-19 in Indonesia also very important, especially for Next Generation Sequencing study, in order to complete the sequence variation of Sars-Cov2 database all over the world. (IAAS/ISL).

Published Date : 09-Jun-2020

Resource Person : Prof Dr Ir Sumiati, MSc

Keyword : Diagnostic Technique, COVID-19 molecular research, Prof Dr Ir Sumiati, MSc, Faculty of Animal Science IPB University