Faculty of Forestry IPB University‘s Online Internship Lecture Presents the Director of IRRI Southeast Asia

The keys to success are dreams, information, extraordinary, networking, hard work, leadership, and parents' prayer. In building this key this for success, students are expected to have plus points such as soft skills, have creative and unique thinking and be able to compete in extraordinary ways. This was conveyed by Dr. Yurdi Yasmi, alumni of IPB University who currently serves as Director of IRRI Southeast Asia when becoming a speaker for an Online Internship Lecture held by the Faculty of Forestry, IPB University, (24/6).

According to him, a good network can be done by finding information about the desired thing. For example, building networks by attending seminars organized by NGOs and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) especially in the forestry sector.

"From this network, I got an extraordinary opportunity to lead a field research so that I train my leadership spirit," he said.

Students must also have skills in solving complex problems. This can be done if a forester student has an open mind, can work well in a team, can be critical but constructive and can communicate smoothly. Critical thinking about a problem must be accompanied by appropriate solutions in its solution. (IAAS/FAP)




Published Date : 29-Jun-2020

Resource Person : Dr Yurdi Yasmi

Keyword : Faculty of Forestry, IRRI, IPB University, IPB alumni