IPB University Lecturer Gives Tips on Developing Personal Potential During WFH

Every human's potential is different. Although for some aspects there are also those who have something in common. All of these potentials will not be able to appear perfectly if they are not developed properly and in the right ways. Not surprisingly, there is a potential of self that just appeared. There are also those that must be lured and dug up so that they can finally be seen clearly. Ir CC Nurwitri, DAA, IPB University lecturer who is also the Chairperson of the Vocational School Supervisory Quality Assurance Study Program (JMP) said that self-potential is all the basic abilities that a person has is hidden and has the opportunity to be developed to achieve certain achievements when trained and supported with facilities that are good.

According to him, there are tips for developing self-potential that will make life more meaningful. To get to know your potential, you must know yourself. The way to find strengths / strengths and weaknesses themselves. Then set realistic life goals according to ability with full enthusiasm. Then always think positively and make peace with yourself. "If something undesirable happens in achieving your goals, then don't drag yourself to a protracted trial," he said.

Self potential consists of physical potential, intellectual mental potential, mental spiritual potential, social emotional potential and resilience potential. Physical potential is the potential of the body as a gift from God that allows activity. The intellectual mental potential is the intelligence potential to calculate, plan, analyze and so on. While the mental and spiritual potential is the potential for intelligence that is based on self-wisdom. Social emotional potential is the potential for intelligence that is able to control anger, responsibility and self-awareness. And the potential for resilience is the potential for intelligence associated with high fighting power and resilience.

Developing one's potential consists of introspection of one's own abilities deeply, intending to overcome obstacles, being open to criticism / feedback from others, thinking positively and being in a positive environment, committed to intentions and goals and optimistic and daring to try new things.

"Basically every human being is blessed with extraordinary potential. Interestingly, humans themselves often do not know with certainty their potential, hopefully with the tips above can help to find their potential well, "he said. (IAAS / NAS)


Published Date : 03-Jun-2020

Resource Person : Ir CC Nurwitri, DAA

Keyword : IPB lecturer, Vocational School, IPB Unibetsity, CC Nurwitri, tips on developing self potential