Discussion of Veterinary Professional Education Program to Achieve Practical Competence in the Pandemic Era

The implementation of the Veterinary Professional Education Program (PPDH), Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH), IPB University is related to the achievement of practical or hands-on competency, based on the capabilities of scientific theory. When used to be in normal conditions, hands on activities are carried out on campus, such as in laboratories, Educational Animal Hospitals, reproductive rehabilitation units and other various educational facilities owned by the strategic campus partners that widely spread throughout Indonesia, and even in the neighboring countries, such as Malaysia and Thailand. 

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, this hands-on activity could not be carried out entirely by thw PPDH (co-assistant) students, both on and off the campus. This webinar series is one of the learning strategies that is implemented by FKH, IPB University in order to continue reaching the metric of competency achievement.

 This substantive was presented by Prof. Dr. Dr. Deni Noviana as a Chair of the PPDH Study Program of FKH, IPB University. The webinar series I and II have been held every day between 8-20 June 2020, which was opened by the Dean of FKH Prof. Dr. drh Srihadi Agungpriyono. This event managed to invite 34 speakers from the various strategic partners outside the campus institution.

"All speakers involved were the best veterinary practitioners in their fields. Therefore, hands-on material was delivered in this webinar, which was packaged in a demo and based on the practical experience of the speakers. This event absolutely provide an ease facilitates for students in understanding the material, even though it is conducted online, "he said. According to the Chairperson of the Indonesian Veterinary Medicine Association (AFKHI), FKH initiated a precise pattern in order to be implemented in the whole FKH's in Indonesia. The objective is about to support the learning process of PPDH students in Indonesia, as well as the first step of the independent learning (merdeka belajar) program implementation 

The topic of this webinar that was raised during the discussion inlight with the presentation of spoke persons on various experiences in the veterinary medicine field, including but not limited to the handling cases of disease and health of cows, poultry, small animals, wildlife, aquatic animals and slaughterhouse governance. The enthusiasm of the speakers in proliferating their knowledge and practical experiences interferance with the curiosity of the students in regard to the various fields of the veterinary profession. 

"This event was not solely attended by the PPDH of FKH, IPB University students, but also by the PPDH FKH students all over Indonesia through the video streaming media. This webinar series learning strategy is also combined with the newlms mode of IPB, "said Dr. drh M. Fakhrul Ulum as Secretary of the Study Program. (IAAS/RI) 



Published Date : 25-Jun-2020

Resource Person : Prof Dr drh Deni Noviana

Keyword : veterinary professional education, PPDH, FKH, IPB University, Veterinarian