Department of Plant Protection IPB University Holds Acceleration of Distance Learning Webinar

The distance learning system (PJJ) has been officially regulated in the Higher Education Law No. 12 of 2012 Article 31 concerning Distance Education. This PJJ system has been implemented by the Open University (UT) since September 4, 1984 with the legal basis of Presidential Decree No. 41/1984. Initially, the PJJ system was not fully implemented in various tertiary institutions. However, since the current COVID-19 pandemic has forced universities to implement the PJJ system.

The Chairperson of the Plant Protection Department, Faculty of Agriculture, IPB University, Dr. Suryo Wiyono in his remarks explained the current COVID-19 pandemic was forcing teachers to implement the PJJ system as well as online learning. "But there are still many teachers or lecturers who have not interacted with the online learning system," he explained.

Therefore, he hopes that this acceleration can accelerate and perfect the online learning technique strategy in tertiary institutions. At IPB University itself, the massive online learning system has only been implemented since the COVID-19 pandemic.

IPB University Vice Chancellor for Education and Student Affairs, Dr. Drajat Martianto explained that IPB University had reoriented the curriculum including changing the curriculum and learning process. "In this reorientation, we try to combine a tandem between mindset and skillset, so we try to create the success of students and graduates by design," said Drajat.

At IPB University, he continued, 2020 has now been implemented the 2020 curriculum (K2020). In addition, he also tried to harmonize the education system with blended learning. "IPB University cannot implement the online learning system in full because IPB is not UT. Now, for the time being, IPB University conducts online learning for one full semester because it is forced by circumstances that do not allow for face-to-face learning," he added.

To prepare the online learning system, Dr. Drajat said IPB University had conducted training for lecturers and had prepared supporting infrastructure. Not only that, so that online learning activities can run smoothly, IPB University also provides incentives for students in the form of monthly internet usage fees.

 Meanwhile, Distance Education Management Expert, Durri Andriani, PhD, explained that the PJJ system must still consider three domains, namely cognitive, affective and psychomotor. "The concept of PJJ is the concept of learning that supports these three domains with supporting facilities. It is characterized by the media that are carried out, wherever and whenever. What makes adults interested because they cannot attend face-to-face lectures because of reasons there are professional and social commitments tie them up, "he said.

He also explained that the PJJ system is not only synchronous, but can be done unsynchronously. That is, the learning system provides opportunities for students to participate in learning activities anytime and anywhere. Regarding the media used, the PJJ system can utilize various media such as radio, television, internet and other relevant media.

One of IPB University lecturers from the Department of Plant Protection, Faculty of Agriculture, Dr. Purnama Hidayat explained the first experience of distance lecture material was made in 1998. He also explained the PJJ model conducted in 2000 was by giving lecture material and assignments via email to each each student.

"The first online teaching material is the General Entomology course material that was made in 1998," he explained. Until now, continued Purnama, Plant Protection lecturers have tried various teaching media so that the PJJ system can run smoothly. He said the lecturers also made creative videos so students could understand the teaching material delivered.

"The point is that learning achievements can be achieved. So the lecturers are looking for ways so that all students can understand lecture material and practicum," he concluded. (IAAS / NAS)

Published Date : 16-Jun-2020

Resource Person : Dr Suryo Wiyono

Keyword : PJJ, Plant Protection, Faperta IPB, IPB lecturers, IPB students