Department of Biology, IPB University and Association of Biology Teachers, Discusses the Immune System and Nutrition Adequacy Standards

Teacher Subject Association (MGMP) of Biology,  Madrasah Aliyah (MA) DKI Jakarta and the Department of Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA), IPB University held the National Webinar about "Pandalaman Biology" Series two (9/6). 

"Cooperation between the Biology MGMP of DKI Jakarta and the Biology Department of IPB University has been going on for a long period of time. These meetings are aimed in order to improve the quality of biology education in Indonesia, through the newly updating science. Hopefully, this meeting can still continue going forward in the future, "said Dr. Ir Miftahudin, MSi as Chair of the Department of Biology. This event successfully In reaching 200 participants who joined the discussion. 

The Speakers of this discussion were Prof. Dr. Dr. Sri Budiarti and Dr. Yahmi Ira Setianingrum. The main focus of the talk was discussed the body's immune system and nutritional adequacy standards(SKPG).  "There are three main function of immune, namely as a defense mechanism against microorganism attacks, as cleaners in dysfunction tissue and as a supervisor in identifying and destroying abnormal cells," said Prof. Sri Budiarti who is also a doctor and lecturer from the Department of Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, IPB University.

Prof. Sri Budiarto also explained that the survivors of COVID-19 who had recovered from the ill were likely to be attacked again by the virus. This thing can happen because the corona virus strain in the world, especially in Indonesia, currently has more than one type. "There are two possibilities for people without symptoms. The first group is the people without symptoms but they are fit, then the group has a good immunity. The second group is the people without symptoms that are limp, it means low immunity and there is a positive possibility of COVID-19, "added Prof. Sri Budiarto.

During the webinar, Prof. Sri shared few subtantive tips in order to make the body's immune system remains in good level. First, we need to provide good and correct food intake. This can be implemented by eating on time, drinking 40 ml / kg of body weight, and consuming lots of vitamins. Furthermore, getting enough sunlight exposure . This activity is intended to induce immunoglobin. Finally, do the exercise for at least 30 minutes per day, but we have to make sure to not get tired, since this issue can translates into reducing the quality of the immune system. 

In fulfilling the nutrition that is needed, there are two standards that really important to be understood, namely the need and adequacy of nutrition. Nutritional requirements are the minimum amount of nutrients for a person needs on having a healthy life. This is adjusted to their weight, height, and other physiological conditions. While in the other hand, nutritional adequacy is a the amount of nutrient that should be consumed every day for a certain period of time. This effort inlight with the idea of the normal diet for average healthy person or in accordance with the government recommendations. This was conveyed by Dr. Yahmi Ira Setianingrum of the Nutrition Science Program in Biology and Food, Widya Cipta Husada College of Health Sciences, Malang.

 "If there are family members who don't like vegetables, it can be replaced with other natural nutrients such as fruit. Another way can be done by  processing and modifying vegetables into preferred foods without removing the contents of these vegetables, "said Dr. Yahmi (IAAS /RI)

Published Date : 10-Jun-2020

Resource Person : Prof Dr dr Sri Budiarti

Keyword : MGMP of Biology of DKI and Biology of IPB University, immune system, nutritional adequacy standards, lecturer of IPB, healthy tips in the middle of a pandemic