BPRS Botani IPB University Ready to Help Agribusiness MSME Capital

The existence of banks became an important institution during the pandemic. This institution provides loans and capital strengthening for business people. Islamic banks are one form of financial institution that is currently widely chosen by the public. Many Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) choose Islamic banks to borrow capital. "Islamic banks have become one of the people's choices for borrowing capital. This bank does not take advantage of interest but from business cooperation, buying and selling and leasing transactions. This option is safer for MSMEs to develop a business, "said Abdillah Jatha Putra, Director of PT SRB Bina Rahmah in BLST Leaders Talk 5 (25/6).

PT BPRS is a business unit owned by IPB University which focuses on financing the Agribusiness MSME business. The company has a BPRS Botany bank that carries out three-tridharma-based banking activities, namely education, research, and community service. Abdillah said that BPRS Botani serves savings and financing that focuses on IPB University residents and IPB University fostered farmers. The bank has a minibank laboratory for sharia banking research and product development for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). In addition, the bank also cooperates with students and lecturers to assist MSMEs.

"We conduct research and assistance activities to farmer groups to develop businesses. This activity was carried out in collaboration with lecturers and students of IPB University. The bank also provides student financing assistance and the development of young entrepreneurs, "Abdillah added.

In the future, IPB University wants to develop the National Agribusiness Bank. This is one form of campus contribution to develop agriculture, especially agribusiness-based SME businesses owned by farmers. "Soon we want to launch BPRS Botani IPB University shares. The community can join with sharia-based banks and work together to improve the Agribusiness MSME business in Indonesia, "Abdillah concluded.

The webinar activity was also attended by Prof. Dr. Erika B Laconi as the Vice Chancellor for Innovation, Business and Entrepreneurship of IPB University. Prof. Erika revealed that financial institutions in favor of farmers were needed. The UKMM business needs stimulus and business assistance to continue developing. "Business assistance for SMEs is one way to survive the economic crisis in the pandemic. IPB University seeks to develop agriculture from all sectors. We are very open to the public who want to collaborate with IPB University's business units in realizing this effort, "said Prof. Erika. (IAAS / NAS) 



Published Date : 25-Jun-2020

Resource Person : Prof Dr Erika B Laconi

Keyword : Bank Botani IPB, Islamic Economics, BLST Leadership Talk