BLST Leaders Talk IPB University Discusses the Prospects of the Service Industry in the Middle of the Pandemic

Bogor Life Science and Technology (BLST) IPB University again held an online discussion about the agriculture industry. This activity was attended by 677 participants from various regions and professional backgrounds. Discussions on the topic "Prospects of the Service Industry in the Middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic To Keep Surviving" were held using the Zoom application, 5/6.

In his remarks, Ir Hanan Utoro, President Director of PT BLST hoped that this activity could bring together various groups to give their thoughts for the progress of the nation's food. According to him, PT BLST is very open if anyone wants to propose cooperation, both individually or on behalf of an agency.

Meanwhile, Prof. Dr. Erika B Laconi as the Vice Chancellor for Innovation, Business and Entrepreneurship, IPB University expressed her pride to PT BLST, because it had facilitated various stakeholders to exchange ideas in a discussion forum. Hopefully this forum can provide enlightenment for all participants who attended.

"The current pandemic and technological development requires us to formulate a new business transformation strategy. We welcome not only webinars but post webinar follow-up activities. Hopefully this activity can provide opportunities for collaboration, innovation, education, "he said.

Present as the speaker was Ir Sulistianawati, MM as a business practitioner, as well as the Director of PT Primakelola IPB University. This company is a subsidiary of PT BLST, which focuses in the field of agricultural business consulting and management. The discussion was hosted by Dr. rer nat, Doni Yusri who currently serves as the Business Development Director of PT BLST, IPB University.

In her presentation, Sulistianawati revealed that all industrial sectors experienced a decline in sales. This is a definite impact of the COVID-19 pandemic which is taking place throughout the world. According to him, currently all parties are trying to work together and design new strategies to respond to change.

"Every company is currently implementing new normal to survive. The most fundamental changes are digital mainstreaming and online service. Then each agenda is adapted to the COVID-19 handling protocol to create a safe work culture. At present every business is competing to win the market with new technologies and innovations created, "she said. (IAAS/FAP)

Published Date : 05-Jun-2020

Resource Person : Prof Dr Erika B Laconi

Keyword : PT BLST IPB University, Agriculture Service Industry, COVID-19, BLST Leaders Talk