Asrama Kepemimpinan and Kader Pejuang Pertanian Build Critical Soul in the Pandemic Era

Asrama Kepemimpinan and Kader Pejuang Pertanian, IPB University held Halal bi Halal themed Building Critical Soul in the Pandemic Era, (3/6). The activity has a meaning as a connecting good friendship to reflection of building youth leadership. Halal bi Halal online has become a tradition in the pandemic era in establishing communication.

"Hopefully this meeting, wrapped in halal bi halal, will be a venue for forgiving and strengthening each other's enthusiasm to work together in Asrama Kepemimpinan," said the President of Asrama Kepemimpinan, Ridho Yudha Pratama.

Meanwhile, in his remarks, Beginer Subhan as the supervisor of Asrama Kepemimpinan reminded that the members of Asrama Kepemimpinan remain productive and can create new things that are innovative and beneficial to many people during the pandemic.

Halal bi Halal invited Auhadillah Azizy, who encouraged participants to remember the struggle of the nation's founders for the constitution that is wrapped in the history of Islam in Indonesia. This gives meaning to how great the struggle of Islam in building Indonesian nation. One of the sensitivity of Islam to Pancasila was to recognize that Pancasila as the ideology of Indonesian. Auhadillah also reminded the importance of consistency and commitment as the main guide in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is hoped that after participating in halal bi halal activities, all prospective leaders in Asrama Kepemimpinan can be moved to work together and take actions that have an impact on society. (IAAS/SAR)

Published Date : 08-Jun-2020

Resource Person : Ridho Yudha Pratama

Keyword : Asrama Kepemimpinan, IPB University, Halal Bihalal