Students Webinar 2020: IPB University Exchange Participant Students in 5 Countries Share Their Experiences

IPB University’s Directorate of International Program has successfully held a Student Webinar during the work and study from home (WFH/SFH) period for student participants and the public (2-3/5). The Webinar was packed with the theme: Study Abroad in Asia and Europe Amidst Pandemic: How Do You Do?” and was held online using the Google Meet application. The objective of this event was to share information and experience of college life during the COVID-19 pandemic from IPB University students who are currently undergoing exchanges in fully funded exchange programs in five countries. Those countries are South Korea, Japan, Poland, Croatia, and Finland. The mobility that was discussed in this webinar represents only half of the total intended programs in the Spring 2020 semester. Most of the internationalization programs are postponed or cancelled. Fifteen students of IPB University are currently undergoing exchange programs. After a long discussion and preparation made by three parties (IPB University, students, and host universities), an agreement has been made to continue the program according to plan. Safety precautions and health protocols of COVID-19 will be implemented. Exchange participants are students originating from multiple levels of study and faculties. According to IPB Director of International Program, Prof Dr Ir Iskandar Zulkarnaen Siregar, the students are all in good health, are safe, and their necessities taken care of.

The Students Webinar 2020 was divided into five 60-minute sessions spanning over two days. On the first day, three sessions were held. The first session was brought by six students of the “Spring 2020 Exchange” program in Jeonbuk National University (JBNU), South Korea. Those students are Farhan Kurniawan (Senior, Geophysics and Meteorology), Avin Wiriandari (Senior, Agroindustrial Engineering), Nabilla R. Ramadhani (Senior, Communication and Community Development), M. Rifqi Janjani (Junior, Veterinary Medicine), Andi Aldo B. Sofyan (Junior, Mechanical and Biosystem Engineering) and Moesriffah Rezhelena (Sophomore, Aquatic Products Technology). The JBNU team described the success acclaimed by the “Land of Ginseng” in handling the pandemic including a regulation specifically made for international students. This has enabled South Korea to be a model country in the implementation of COVID-19 countermeasures protocols. The team also answered many questions regarding applications for the program itself in line with the opening of JBNU’s “Fall 2020 Exchange” registration.

The second session was presented by two students, Ana Khalisa (Master’s, Soil and Environment Biotechnology) and Aryanis Mutia Zahra (Master’s, Postharvest Technology), who are participants of the “Short-term Exchange Program (STEP)” in Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT), Japan with Japan Student Service Organization (JASSO) scholarships. Entering their second semester in Tokyo, the TUAT team explained several regulations and help that the government has been giving to minimalize financial and social problems which has risen during the pandemic. The TUAT team also opened a discussion session regarding research opportunities with professors and expert lecturers in TUAT during and after the exchange period. The next session was filled with two students from the “Erasmus+ Exchange 2020” in SGGW/Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland, Ratih Paramastuti (Master’s, Food Science) and Raysa Lestianti (Master’s, Agroindustrial Engineering). The first speakers from the “Land of the Blue Continent” shared their stories of successful layered lockdown regulations implemented by the Polish Government.

On the second day, the fourth seminar session was brought by students who are participating in the “Erasmus+ Exchange 2020” in the University of Zagreb (UNIZG), Croatia, Dinda H. Triantama (Senior, Biology) and Arif Maulana (Senior, Biology). While the fifth session was brought by three students who are participating in the same program in the University of Turku (UTU), Finland, Andrew Pranata (Junior, Food Science and Technology), Eny Widiya Astuti (Master’s, Resource and Environmental Economics) and Latiful Akbar (Master’s, Biology). UNIZG and UTU Teams explained that the mitigation protocols of COVID-19 in their respective countries are starting to show satisfactory results. They also shared knowledge of the countries, host universities, and the Erasmus+ scholarship.

The interactive event was attended by over 160 participants from both IPB University and public. Even though the event was held online and without a face to face meeting, the material could still be presented well and effectively. Participants were enthusiastic in asking questions and having discussions with the speakers for a wide range of topics from scholarship, college life, to experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. This event is hoped to be beneficial for the attendees and is intended to act as a source of motivation for students who have interests in participating in the exchange program abroad to be able to start preparing themselves as soon as possible to apply for a scholarship. This will also allow them to fill this WFH/SFH period with productive and beneficial activities.

Published Date : 07-May-2020

Resource Person : M. Rifqi Janjani

Keyword : Student Exchange, IPB University, Direktorat Program Internasional