STP IPB University Holds Discussion About Indonesia's MSME Revived Strategy After Corona

Small, Micro and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) have a crucial contribution to the nation's economy due to the numbers of workforce that mostly absorbed by the SMEs. This encourages Science Techno Park (STP), under the Directorate of Science Technology Area and Business Incubator of IPB University to hold TechnosNet Webinar that raised a theme  "The Rise of Indonesia's SMEs in the Midst of Corona Pandemic". This fourth series of TechnosNet STP dissects the Business Risks and Business Solutions for Start-up  and SMEs financing after the COVID-19 pandemic.

During his presentation, Ferry Syarfari, Deputy Chairperson of the BNI Small Credit Center Bogor, explained that the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and BNI supported the government's efforts in implementing further economic stimulus policies that is related to the provision of interest subsidies for bank debtors and finance companies. According to him, the OJK and the government will be preparing a provisions for implementing the stimulus program.

"Interest subsidies will be given for six months, with the rate of interest subsidies for targeted clusters up to 500 million at 6 percent for the first three months and 3 percent for the next three months. Interest subsidies for the clusters above 500 million to 10 billion are 3 percent for the first 3 months and 2 percent for the next 3 months, "he explained.

BNI was offering a business financing solution for entrepreneur, called the KUR (Kredit Usaha Rakyat) and BNI Entrepreneurial services. For students who want to develop their business, they can apply for capital in the form of KUR. "If KUR has a minimum threshold of 6 months experience. The interest rates are in line with the Permenko Economy, with the interest rate of KUR in 2020 was 6 percent effective per year, "he added.

The BNI Entrepreneurship is designed in order to increase business capital, replace venture capital, take over, productive businesses expansion, and investment. BNI Entrepreneurial requirements are easy, the installment is easy, and the process is absolutely fast. In general, the criteria to get BNI Entrepreneurship program is a minimum of one year of business experience and no DHN (National Black List) and not classified as bad debtor.

Meanwhile, In his presentation, Dr. Indra C Uno from Inotek explained that the opportunity for UMKM is really huge if it can be utilized in better way. This considering the number of Indonesian businesses that was dominated by SMEs and contributes to the 60 percent of state revenue with the number of SMEs roughly 99.99 percent. When the pandemic occurs, this causes SMEs as the most impacted business entities. Moreover, the majority pf SMEs are offline-based micro enterprises with the culinary as the dominance sector at 41.69 percent.

"Entrepreneurship is the key to change the world, because it has the ability to provide strength in creating jobs that will be returned to each individual. The thought process in assisting prospective entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs includes training and business assistance, opening a business and generating income, avoiding the threat of unemployment, creating a decent job. In this case, the spirit is about assisting them and by the end of the chain is to create an employment for themselves, "explained Indra. (IAAS /RI)

Published Date : 20-May-2020

Resource Person : Ferry Syarfari

Keyword : COVID-19, Pandemic, UMKM, Strategy, STP IPB University